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  • We do not send more than 4 solo ads per month. After payment, we will advise of the date your ad will be queued for publishing. You may, if you wish, contact us for availability, before submitting payment for the ad.
  • Only ads related to self improvement, personal development, positive lifestyle, the law of attraction, skills for success, advice for a better life, and related subjects, will be accepted.
  • We reserve the right to reject ads that we believe are not suitable for our audience.
  • Our acceptance to send a solo ad does not mean that we endorse the product/s advertised. We do not sign at the bottom of the ads, which could imply that we are endorsing the product/s, or making it look, as if we initiated the ad.
  • Do not add our name or website to the ad as endorsers or signers. Do not style the ad, as if written by us.
  • Please note that we add the following words at the top of the solo ad: "This is a sponsored ad mailing."

The Price of the solo ad is $110.00 USD.

Immediately after payment, you will be directed to a page with information on how to submit your ad to us.

We will notify you by email about date when your ad will be published.

Please do not submit too long solo ads. A shorter ad has better chances of being read!

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