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Sell our ebooks and earn 50% commission on each ebook!

Join our affiliate program, and start earning money by selling our ebooks through your website or newsletter.

We have ebooks teaching creative visualization, affirmations, achieving success, self improvement and positive thinking, as well as peace of mind, emotional detachment, willpower and self discipline, and how to focus your mind.

All you have to do is link to us with your affiliate link from your site or newsletter, and every time someone clicks on your link, comes to our websitesite and buys an ebook, you will earn a commission of 50%.

We have gathered everything you need to promote our ebooks and earn commission. Just click on the links above, where it says 'Affiliate Center', and you will find banners, ebook covers, ads, and email letters.

Sell and earn commission for the following eBooks:

Visualize and Achieve

Strengthen Your Willpower and self Discipline

Peace of Mind in Daily Life

Emotional Detachment For a Better Life

How to Focus Your Mind

Affirmations - Words with Power

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Our affiliate program is managed by, the Internet's largest retailer of digital products. They handle all the details, tracking and payments, and also send you the commission by check, twice a month. They charge a handling commission of 7.5% + $1.- for each sale, divided proportionally between the vendor and the affiliate.

If you're not a member of Clickbank (it's FREE), please Click here to register!

After registering, you can always log into account at to check your earnings. When checking your earnings look for the publisher 'powerbooks'. Every commission that shows this name as publisher, has originated from a sale of one of our ebooks, referred through your link.

Once you receive your Clickbank ID (Nickname), explore the links above, where it says 'Affiliate Center', for everything you need to promote our ebooks.

To send your visitors to our bookstore, at, use the link:

Don't forget to replace 'AFFILIATE' with your ClickBank ID.

Use this link to let ClickBank create your affiliate link for you.

Directing Visitors to a Particular Sales Page

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You can promote each book separately, sending visitors directly to any of the ebooks' sales pages. In this case, you

will need to use a different URL for each book.

Once visitors arrive from your website, even if they purchase a different book, you will still earn commission.

For information on how to send visitors directly to each sales page click here.

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