When Affirmations Work and When They Don’t

If you repeat an affirmation, with which you are not in agreement with, there is often a subconscious resistance, which defeats the affirmation.

When there is low self-esteem, or when in difficult situations, the mind thinks on the current situation, and finds it difficult, or almost impossible to think of a different, positive situation.

At these times, while repeating a positive affirmation, your attention goes to your current negative situation. Furthermore, repeating the affirmations might make you more aware of your problems and the gap between your life now, and the words you are repeating. Since the mind is focused on the problem, and not on the positive affirmation, this aggravates the situation.

This does not mean that affirmations do not work. On the contrary, this proves that they do work. If you focus the mind on the problem, instead of on the solution, it is like repeating a negative affirmation. When you do so, you attract problems and a negative state of mind.

For people who are in a deeply negative mental situation, affirmations might not be the right thing. They need other means to help themselves, such as psychological help or a method that would divert their mind from negative thoughts. They also need to gain more self-esteem and to strengthen their desire to help themselves.

For people who are naturally more positive, or are able to divert their attention away from their problems and current situation, affirmations would more easily work.

To use affirmations effectively, you must have no doubts about your ability to achieve what you are affirming. If it were possible to see what is going inside the minds of successful people, we would see that they consciously or unconsciously tell themselves they are going to succeed. They use positive affirmations, often, without knowing anything about affirmations.

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