Motivational Tips for Success – A New eBook

101 Motivational Tips for SuccessI have written a small ebook titled, “101 Motivational Tips for Success.” It contains 101 tips for success, which you can use in every area of your life, for financial success, for success in your job, success in your business, success in your relationships, and for the general improvement of your life.

You can always read a few tips to get motivated or inspired, or to get insight on the process of success. You can read the tips on the train, while traveling by bus, at your coffee break, while waiting in line, or when sitting in front of your TV at home.

Here are two excerpts from the eBook:

Sometimes, success is just round the corner, and all we have to do is take one more step. The treasure box might be just another one inch in the ground, and all we need to do is dig just a little more. Often, we do not take this last step, or don’t expend just a little more effort, due to frustration, laziness, or lack of persistence. Success might be so close, but we give up too soon, or just one step before we find it.

When you decide to quit what you are doing, try one more time, take one more step, or put a little more effort.

The only way to know what you are capable of doing is by doing it. Fear, procrastination, lack of faith in yourself, low self-esteem, and lack of courage will tie you to the same spot, and you will make no progress.

Everyone is capable of doing much more, and reaching much higher in every era of life, but fear, attachment to the familiar and fear of change, stop people from trying new things or acting in different ways.

Only people who dare, know what they are capable of doing, and have the courage to do it. Only people who dare can do things on a big scale.

101 Motivational Tips for Success101 Motivational Tips for Success

Motivational tips to improve your life, and to help you achieve success. Every time you read the tips you will get more inspiration, motivation and insight into the process of achieving success.

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101 Motivational Tips for Success

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