Watching Thoughts and Being More Mindful

Thoughts keep pouring into your mind. Memories keep welling up. For hours, and sometimes days, you go on thinking about things people said about you, discussing them in your mind, and sometimes reaching completely unreal conclusions. You dwell on hurt feelings, real or imaginary, and let mental images of fear, failure and problems arise in … Continue Reading…

How to Clear the Mind of Thoughts

A website visitor has recently asked the following question: “So you are saying once our mind is cleared, we start experiencing inner peace, but what is the most important thing to do to clear your mind? I have read a lot at many websites, but still can’t understand the subject.” There is no instant inner peace. … Continue Reading…

Restless Thoughts Are Like Restless Fish

By Remez Sasson

Are you aware of the restlessness of your thoughts? If you watch your mind, you will see that it jumps from one subject to another, never standing still. The mind is always busy, too often with trivialities. One moment you might be thinking one thing, and the next moment thinking about something else. This is a deeply embedded habit that constantly distracts the mind and prevents it from focusing on one thing at a time.

If you wish to succeed in anything, you need to be able to overcome the restlessness of your thoughts. The key to every job well done and to every success is concentration – the ability to focus the mind on one thing.

When there are no restless thoughts – There is inner peace.

In my book, Peace of Mind in Daily life, I have written a short story, illustrating the similarity between the behavior of fish and the behavior of thoughts. It is about a young man who asked a spiritual teacher to help him gain peace of mind. To his amazement, the teacher sent him to the river, to watch the fish swimming in the water.

Here is an excerpt from this story:

After sitting by the river for some time, a revelation suddenly flashed through his mind and he shouted excitedly: “My mind and my thoughts are restless too, exactly like the flock of fish. This is probably what the teacher wanted me to understand.”

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Visualization and World Peace

Some time ago I received an email, in which someone asked me whether it is possible to visualize world peace.

It would be a great thing to visualize world peace. Any positive thought projected into the atmosphere of the planet is beneficial. This energy is not wasted and has its affect on the world, but as long as most of the population does not think on world peace or visualize it, and does not desire it strongly enough, one person’s thoughts are not strong enough to affect the entire world.

Just think how much positive thought power can one person generate, compared to the total negative thinking of the entire planet! On the other hand, if a large group of people thinks and concentrates on world peace, the total power generated by them is stronger, than the power generated by one individual.

You have to take into account the fact that opposing thoughts can weaken or even neutralize other thoughts. The total strength of any power is dependent on the power generated, less any other power that opposes it. If one person visualizes world peace for half an hour a day, and billions of other people think the opposite or just don’t believe that peace is possible, the power generated would be quite small and not very effective.

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