Experiences with the Law of Attraction

Some time ago, I asked visitors to SuccessConsciousness.com, about their experiences with creative visualization and the law attraction.

Here is what I wrote:

We all learn from other people experiences, from good experiences and from not so good ones. It will therefore be a good idea, if you share here your experiences with creative visualization and the law attraction. In this way, you can help others and help yourself. You will motivate others and get motivated. You will get wiser and help other people get wiser. By sharing your experiences you help other people, and benefit from other people’s experiences.

Please write about:

# What did you manifest and what did you do?

# How long did it take you to manifest your goal?

# What did you visualize?

# How many times a day did you visualize, and for how long?

# Did you visualize clear or hazy mental images?

# Did you use affirmations too?

# What steps did you take to manifest your desire?

# How did your desire or goal manifest?

The more people share their experiences the more success everyone would attain.

The founder and owner of Success Consciousness. Remez Sasson is the author of articles and books that teach how to use one’s mental tools and inner powers to create a life of happiness, success, fulfillment and inner peace.

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