Training and Developing Visualization and Imagination

Some people can visualize easily and others find it hard to do, but regular training of the imagination can change this. One can learn to visualize. Imagination can be developed like any other skill, through appropriate exercises.

Don’t worry if you can’t visualize, because even if you can’t, you can still use the law of attraction. If you know clearly what you want, and you have no doubts about it, and your desire is very strong, you can still attract success into your life, even if visualization is difficult for you. Feelings and desire play an important role in manifestation, not only visualization.

Suppose two people wish to manifest a particular event or object in their life, one just visualize, without any emotion or desire, and without really believing that he can manifest his dream. The other person does not visualize, but he focuses his mind on his desire, and believes and feels strongly that he has already manifested it. Who will eventually achieve his desire? The one who feels and believes.

Actually, the combination of visualization, feelings and desire is recommended, and that is why it is worthwhile to train the faculty of imagination. It can be developed gradually, through various exercises. One such exercise is to look at a small object, such as a spoon, match, or even a fruit for a few minutes, then close the eyes and try to see it mentally. If the mental image is blurred, open your eyes, look at the object for a few seconds, and again close your eyes and try to visualize it.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see immediate results. Developing the ability to visualize is not different from learning a new language, learning to drive a car or bodybuilding. Training and developing the ability to visualize takes time.

I have included a whole chapter on developing visualization and imagination in my book Visualize and Achieve, with instructions, advice, and exercises.About the Author

Remez SassonRemez Sasson is the founder of Success Consciousness. In his articles and books, he teaches about positive thinking and motivation, visualization, gaining inner strength and inner peace, achieving success, and about improving one’s life.

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