Inner Peace Versus Worries and Restless Thinking

It is rather weird that though everyone has his or her due share of worries, anxieties and never ending thoughts, few do something to remedy this condition and gain inner peace. It is only when the situation becomes unbearable that one starts wondering, whether there is a solution, and if it is possible at all to gain some degree of inner peace.

Worries, anxieties and restless thinking are regarded as a natural part of life. It is only when they become exaggerated, or under special circumstances that one becomes acutely aware of this state of inner restlessness and lack of peace. At such time, one realizes how unruly the mind is, and how difficult it is to calm it down.

The inability to stop the racing thoughts becomes especially obvious at times, when you need to do some boring job that requires close attention, study something that requires concentration or do anything that requires a focused mind. The mind just keeps wandering away, and you have to bring it back again and again.

This lack of ability to control the mind and make it quiet is the reason that it is always occupied with thoughts, worries, fears and anxieties. Such thoughts bring unhappiness, suffering and lack of peace.

Though most people desire inner peace, yet they do the opposite. They cannot enjoy being alone or in silence. They always seek something to occupy their minds, as if afraid of inner peace and silence. They read the newspaper while traveling, walk with earphones, while listening to music, talk a lot on phone for hours, exercise with background music or drive their cars while listening to the radio. They all keep their minds busy, never at rest.

The mind is busy even when just resting or not doing anything. At such times, if pay attention to your mind, you will see how busy it is with unimportant thoughts, musing on past events, worrying or just racing from one thought to another. Even when going to sleep at night the mind does not let you be, but accompanies you to bed with all kinds of thoughts, until you finally you fall asleep.

You can bring more peace into your life. You can learn to focus your mind when you need to. You can go to bed and fall asleep immediately, without buzzing thoughts or worries.

When the mind is relieved from its restlessness there is more focus, peace and happiness. Worries and anxieties keep away, and the quality of your life improves.
There are various ways to gain inner peace. Some just bring temporary peace, some help you gain more inner balance in certain situations, and other techniques are aimed toward overall and permanent state of inner harmony, balance, peace and freedom from restless thinking. There is no quick way to success. The ability to overcome worries, anxieties and restless, futile thinking is not easily won. The mind has to undergo complete change, and this does not happen in one day. Yet, this inner work is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

Don’t be discouraged and feel it is an impossible task, because it is possible. Many have learned to pacify their minds, and so can you.

Inner peace article
Inner Peace.

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