Anticipation and the Law of Attraction

When you have a certain desire or goal, do you anticipate it to be fulfilled, or do you let doubts fill your mind?

Anticipation is important when working with the law of attraction, because anticipation works like a magnet, attracting your desire t you.

What is anticipation?

It is more than hope. It is the certainty and faith that what you desire is going to happen right now, and feeling the pleasure the fulfillment of your desire is going to give you.

Anticipation is a state of mind of expectancy, of expecting your goal to be accomplished, and seeing no other option other than success.

How did you feel during the day, when you were going to have a date in the evening or go to a party?

How did you feel during the weeks preceding your vacation? You most probably were in a mood of expectancy and anticipation. You already felt the fun you were going to have.


While visualizing a goal, try to be in a mood of anticipation and expectancy. This will make your mind more magnetic and it will trigger the law of attraction into action.

Anticipation triggers your subconscious mind to attract the object of anticipation into your life.

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