How to Get Your Head Above Water and Keep It There

You must have asked yourself many times, how to survive when there are financial problems, and how to get your head above water, and keep it there.

Positive thinking and visualization are a good solution, but the problem is that when you are in financial problems, and when there is a shortage of money, it is not so easy to think positively. Worries keep popping up, especially when you see the bills in front of you.

The solution is of course to be alert, and constantly, day after day, replace your worries and negative thinking with positive thinking.

Better still, to teach yourself positive thinking during the goods times, when it is easier to think positively, and much better it is, to learn and train yourself from an early age, but this is not always practical or possible.

How to get your head above water and keep it there?

A visitor to the website asked:

“It feels like my life has been on a downward spiral. I struggle to keep my head above water financially, and just as things seem to get back in line something else happens.

I realize that the most obvious answer is to stop worrying… but it’s not that easy when you see the bills in front of you, and you have no idea how to cover them.”

Here is what I replied:

“Will it help if you keep worrying? No, it won’t. However, it is not so easy to stop worrying, especially, as you say, you see the bills in front of you.

  • Think often about the futility of worrying. You waste energy and time, which you could use on doing more constructive things.
  • Keep thinking about the uselessness of worrying.
  • Every time you start worrying about money, visualize yourself having the money to pay your bills.
  • Try being a little emotionally detached, when you see the bills.

You will eventually have to pay your bills, in one way or another, but worries will not pay them. It is enough that you suffer financially, so why suffer emotionally and mentally too?

You may not easily change the situation, but you can, with constant inner work, change your attitude. As your attitude changes, as you become more relaxed and detached (not indifferent) you will feel better, happier and lighter. When this happens, circumstances will start to improve, and opportunities will knock on your door.

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