How to Improve My Visualization?

“How do I improve my visualization?

When I try to visualize, I only see blurred images in my mind, and I cannot hold them steady. When, for example, I try to visualize a certain object, I do not see it clearly, and its image often fades away after a few seconds.

I have read that there are people who can imagine clearly in their mind, and I wonder how they do that.

I want to improve my visualization ability, because I want to be successful with creative visualization.”

How to Improve Your Visualization Skill

Some people can visualize clearly and others see only blurred images or no images at all. However, with some training, you can improve your visualization skill.

The ability to visualize is essential for creative visualization, and as you improve your skill to visualize, you can get better and faster results with creative visualization

The ability to visualize is most useful in many areas of life, not just for creative visualization. It is most useful for making plans, for writing, acting, painting or carrying out tasks efficiently. It is also usful in business and for achieving goals.

Here a simple exercise for improving your visualization skill:

  • Find a few minutes to be alone every day.
  • Sit down comfortably on a chair.
  • Hold a small and simple object in your hands, like a pencil, a match, or a key. I you wish, you may use for the exercise or a small fruit, like an apple or an orange.
  • Examine the object for about one minute. Look at every detail, so you can remember it.
  • Close your eyes and try to visualize the object for about one minute. If the image becomes blurred, or if it disappears from your mind, open your eyes for a few seconds and look at it. Then, close your eyes and continue visualizing it.
  • After visualizing for about one minute, rest for a few seconds, and then repeat visualizing the object again. Continue doing so 4-5 times.
  • You may visualize the same object or a different one at each visualization session.
  • If you have the time, repeat this visualization exercise twice a day.

To learn more about improving your visualization read the article:
How to Visualize Mental Images

If you want to learn how to use the power of creative visualization, consider reading and following the guidance in the book Visualize and Achieve Your Dreams.

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