How to Stop My Negative Thoughts?

“I constantly find myself thinking negative thoughts. I always think that I might fail or that bad things might happen. This affects my whole life and cannot stop these negative thoughts. Even when everything is good and fine, I just wait for things to get bad. I am sure the good will not stay long.

I always see in my mind trouble, difficulties, and things going wrong. How can I stop my negative thoughts? Is there a way to stop expecting the worst to happen? These negative thoughts are most disturbing and I would like to stop them.

All I want is a simple technique, not something complicated and time consuming.”

How to Stop My Negative Thoughts?

Thinking that the worst is going to happen, expecting failure and disaster, and seeing the disadvantages, ensures that you stay passive, do not try new things, and when bad happen, you do not get disappointed.

A negative attitude makes life difficult and unhappy.

You need to change your mindset and teach your mind to think positive thoughts instead. There are various ways to accomplish this goal, such as hypnosis or a psychological treatment. However, I want to focus on one simple, but very effective technique that does not require hypnosis of professional help.

To make this technique work, you will need to invest some effort and time, but the rewards would be great. I call this technique, the thoughts replacement technique.

It is a simple technique for substituting negative thoughts with positive thoughts, but you need to repeat it often if you want results.

The Thoughts Replacement Technique

  • When you are aware that you are thinking negative thoughts, immediately replace that thought with a positive thought. For example:
  • When you think of failure, think of success.
  • When you expect something bad to happen, replace this thought with the thought that something good is going to happen.

There will be inner resistance, lack of belief, and you might even forget to replace your negative thoughts. However, you need to continue, and practice this technique over and again, until this become natural and easy.

If you continue with this technique, it will eventually become a habit, and you would automatically replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

At times, your negative thoughts might be too strong and overwhelming, and would want to give up and stop using this technique. When this happens, remind yourself that you want to stop your negative thoughts, and to do so, you should continue using this technique.

After practicing the thoughts replacement technique for about few weeks, it is most likely that you will begin to see results.

I have written at length, in my book, Visualize and Achieve Your Dreams, about the thoughts replacement technique.

Two other techniques that can help you are visualization and affirmations. However, I don’t want overload you with additional techniques. It is better to focus on one technique, instead of spreading your energy and time on several ones.

I would like to suggest a few articles about negative thinking, which provide additional information and ways to stop it:
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