The Success Industry

The success industry has turned into a huge machine, creating a growing number of books, videos, audios and workshops, all promising big and quick success, without any effort. All these products create a sense of euphoria, great expectations, and often, also frustration. The producers of many of these products make great promises, and tell you that all you need to succeed is just a little of your time. Sometimes all you have to do is just repeat a few affirmations or visualize a goal a few minutes a day, and you will soon enjoy great success and the fulfillment of your dreams.

Can this be true? Does everyone who reads the book, listens to the video or participates in the workshop become a great success? In spite of all these products and promises, how many really succeed? How many really successful people are, in relation to the entire population?

Don’t misunderstand me. I believe in the power of the mind. I have written articles and books on this subject, but I also believe in common sense and in being practical. Creative visualization and the law of attraction are useful tools that work when used correctly, and there are good and useful books and other products available. I am speaking here about the growing tendency of making great promises and the tendency to oversimplify things.

I am sure you have bought and read more than one book, audio or video about achieving success. How many have read the book, listened to the audio or watching the video they have bought, and more important, how many have followed and implemented the instructions? There is a great distance between experiencing a feeling of elation, which people often experience when they are first introduced to these subjects, to actually using the techniques, persevering and then gaining results.

In order to gain real results with creative visualization and the law of attraction you need constant motivation, will power, self-discipline and persistence. It is true, sometimes, due to certain factors one might attain quick results, but quite often one will have to act and do things, not just visualize. Highly successful people are not mere daydreamers, they visualize, they believe in their vision, but they also act in the real world, and they do things to make their dreams come true.

– Do you really believe that a few minutes a day of visualizing or affirming are going to completely transform your life?

– Can you speak a foreign language in 30 days, while studying for just a few minutes a day?

– Can you develop great muscles in two weeks, exercising just 10 minutes a day?

– Can you build a thriving and successful business in 30 days, without any knowledge about the business and without the right preparation?

– Did the successful people build their fortune by doing nothing, except of visualizing for 5 minutes a day? No, their success required work, time and effort.

Affirmations and visualization can change your life. They can create success. If what you want is something small, you might manifest it quite fast, but if it is something bigger, it might require more time. Often, visualization and affirmation require frequent repetitions, day after day. Sometimes things might manifest fast or in an unexpected manner, but more often this might involve effort, study, and working in the real world.

Opportunities will appear, but you will have to take advantage of them, and be willing to do whatever is required to make what you want come true. The thing is that not everyone is willing and ready invest time and effort in achieving success, except daydream a little. Laziness, lack of initiative and a weak desire do not create success. Not everyone is willing and ready to make the required changes or sacrifices in his/her life in order to achieve success.

Not everyone really desires great success, lots of money or becoming a businessman or businesswomen. Most people would prefer a quiet, but comfortable life. Not everyone is fit for business or desires to run or own a business.

Often, there is a subconscious resistance to become successful, and one might, without even knowing it, sabotage his/her chances. This means that one has to look often deeply inside his/her mind, to find the source of the resistance, and then keep affirming and visualizing until the subconscious mind accepts the new thoughts. Then, doors will open, and new idea and opportunities will knock at one’s door, but he/she will have to do something with these opportunities. Are you willing to make the necessary effort and devote the required time to succeed?

is the founder of Success Consciousness. He is the author of articles and books, teaching how to use one’s mental tools and inner powers to create a life of happiness, success, fulfillment and inner peace.

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