Moving to Another Town

I am now in the middle of packing everything, because we are moving to another town.

It is strange how much stuff one collects and never uses, until one moves away and has to decide what to do with the stuff. Often, we just store in our drawers, wardrobe or storage room, all kind of stuff we don’t really need, but we which we don’t want to throw away. The time of moving is a great time to get rid of all this unnecessary stuff.

I once read somewhere that when you clean up your house of unnecessary or not so useful stuff, new stuff comes in. Even if you just clean up a drawer, sometimes, money or something else comes in. It might sound strange, but I have seen this work. By creating a physical vacuum, you make space for something new to come in. There is a mental explanation to this phenomena, but this should be the subject of a different article.

Anyway,in two weeks time we are moving to a different town and there is a lot of work to do, sorting out things, packing everything into crates, and then moving to the new address, unpacking and putting everything in place.

Remez Sasson

is the founder of Success Consciousness. In his articles and books, he teaches about positive thinking and motivation, visualization, gaining inner strength and inner peace, achieving success, and about improving one’s life.

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