101 Motivational Tips for Success

By Remez Sasson

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101 Motivational Tips for Success

Tips and Advice for Achieving Success and Improving Your Life

This book includes 101 motivational tips for success. The tips provide information, advice, motivation and inspiration to help you achieve success and improve your life.

The aim of this book is to motivate and inspire, to awaken enthusiasm, and to offer insights and ways to create opportunities and to achieve success.

You can use these tips in every area of your life, for financial success, for success in your job, in business and in relationships. You can also use them for the general improvement of your life, for the daily affairs of your life, for simple goals and for major projects.

Read the tips often, and use them in your daily life. Keep the book handy, by downloading it to your smart phone, so you can read a few tips, whenever you have the time.

You can download the book to your computer, tablet, or to your smartphone.

Below, there are two tips from the book.

Tip Number 12 - Don't Wait for Opportunities

Don't wait until an opportunity knocks at your door.

If you wait for an opportunity, it might never come, and if it comes, it might be too late, or you might not recognize it and so miss it.

It is more productive to take action and create opportunities.

How do you create opportunities?

  1. Define clearly, in a few sentences, what you want to achieve.
  2. Write down your definition, and read what you wrote, at least a few times, every day.
  3. Gather information about your goal, read and learn about it, and talk to people who are experts about it or know more than you.
  4. Think often about your goal, with attention, faith and joy.
  5. Expect opportunities to come right now, not at some time in the future.
  6. Always keep your goal in your mind, and before you know it, you will begin to notice things you never paid attention to. You will begin to recognize opportunities, which you never saw before.

Tip Number 18 - Look at Your Life as a Pleasant Journey

Life is a journey. Sometimes it is easy and pleasurable, and sometimes there are difficulties and obstacles.

You can choose to let the obstacles make you feel bad, and you can choose to learn from them, and overcome them.

With a happy and positive frame of mind, difficulties become easier to bear and to overcome.

  • Strive to enjoy the journey through life, no matter where it leads you. Try to make the most of every minute, and you will become happier and more satisfied.
  • If you are doing something, which you love to do, you will most probably enjoy the journey. However, if it is something, you don't like, but have to do it anyhow, try to see the bright points, the small pleasures on the way.
  • Imagine how you would feel after you are through with what you are doing. This will take off some of the strain, and you will start enjoying the journey through life and the things you do.
  • Whatever you happen to be doing, work, study, household chores or any task, don't focus on the difficulties, the inconvenience or the discomfort. The mind finds it easier to focus on the negative, but you should not accept to dwell on it.
  • Focus on the benefits, on the strength and power you gain, on the possibilities that open to you. Though this might be difficult at first, persevere with this attitude, and your mind will learn to focus on the positive details, not on the negative ones. This will make the journey through life more pleasant.

There is no reason to suffer, feel bad or be depressed, if you don't like what you are doing. If you can do something else, that's fine, but if you have to do what you are doing, why not look at the benefits and gains?

When you see life as a pleasant journey, good things start happening and new doors open.


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