How to Focus Your Mind

How to Focus Your Mind

Do you find it difficult to focus on one thing for more than a few moments?

This book will teach you how to strengthen and improve your concentration skills.

With a focused mind, you will do everything more efficiently, in less time, and with no mistakes.

Author: Remez Sasson

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Newly Revised Edition, August 2016

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Book Description:

Concentration is important for a better performance of big and small tasks. You need to concentrate while reading a book, learning for an exam, running a business, writing an email, cooking, studying a new language or learning a new skill, and while carrying out every other activity.

This book will teach you how to strengthen your concentration by practicing simple mental exercises. The purpose of these exercises is to train your mind to focus on whatever you are doing, and therefore, increase the efficiency of your actions.

In the book "How to focus your mind", you will find clear and detailed instructions and excellent exercises for strengthening your focus ability, and learning to control your attention.

Most people have a short attention span, and are often unable to hold their attention on one thought or activity for more than a few moments. However, by practicing the concentration exercises, they will improve their focus and increase their attention span.

As your concentration improves, your thoughts would become less restless your mind will become more peaceful.

This book will teach you to focus your complete attention on one single thought, subject or activity, and ignore irrelevant and meaningless thoughts.

You will learn about the importance of a focused mind versus lack of concentration, and about the value of focus versus multitasking.

You will also learn how to overcome mental resistance and ignore distractions while concentrating.

In the book "How to Focus Your Mind", there are simple and useful concentration exercises, which develop the skill to focus the attention not only on things that you enjoy doing, but also on boring, and annoying activities. This is most important, since in life, there are often things that we do not like doing, yet are essential for our success and growth.

This book explains the value of sharpening your concentration, and it gives you the tools for acquiring this skill.

You will find in this book, not just information, but also instructions and simple yet valuable concentration exercises, which will help you to strengthen your concentrations skills.

As physical exercises shape your body and strengthen your muscles, so the focus exercises strengthen your mind, memory and your ability to control your attention.

As you progress with the exercises, your concentration skills will get stronger, and your mind would become sharper.

If while doing one thing, your mind is busy with something else, then this book is for you.

If you want to do better at work, in your studies, and while carrying out any task, you will benefit from this book and the concentration exercises.

If you want to enjoy inner peace and tranquility, you will benefit from this book.

If you want to sharpen your mind and improve your meditation, you will find the instructions and exercises in this book most useful.

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How to Focus Your Mind

You can read this eBook on your PC, laptop, Mac, iPad, iPhone, tablet or smartphone.

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