Improve Your Concentration with Simple Mental Exercises

How to Focus Your Mind

Guidance and Simple Exercises to Improve Your Concentration

By Remez Sasson

Does your mind constantly run from one thought to another?

Do you find it difficult to focus on one thought for more than a few moments?

Do you finish what you start to do, or do you quit after a while, for lack of concentration?

Imagine how your life would change, if you could focus on your work, on your studies, and on whatever you do.

Imagine how successful and efficient you could be, if could control your attention.

This book will teach you how to focus your mind, improve your concentration, and gain control of your thoughts.

  • The power of concentration is essential for success and for the efficient handling of every area of life, at work and at home, at school and in college.
  • It is useful in sports and in business, for achieving goals and completing tasks, and for self-improvement and meditation.
  • It is important at interviews, for delivering a lecture, and in any work that requires attention.
  • Concentration is also useful when playing your favorite game, or running errands, like shopping, cooking or cleaning.

What Are the Benefits of Focusing Your Mind?

  • The ability to focus your attention on what you are doing.
  • You gain the skill to reject unwanted thoughts.
  • Improved ability to understand, learn and study.
  • You will become more efficient, saving time and energy.
  • It enables you to focus on a task or goal, until you complete it.
  • Improved memory.
  • Increased self-confidence.
  • Improved ability to pay attention to details.
  • Improvement of ability to visualize and to meditate.
  • It enables you to quiet the restless thinking of the mind.
  • It reduces mistakes and errors, due to better attention.
  • When you are able to focus your mind, you do everything better.

Countless thoughts, desires, and sense impressions, pass through the mind at every minute of the day and night, attracting the attention, pulling it here and there, and making it almost impossible to focus the mind.

The mind tends to drift to other matters when we try to focus it on a certain thought, subject, or activity. When concentration is lacking, a task that requires just a few minutes to accomplish, can take much longer.

If you wish to improve your life and to achieve success in any area of life, you need a certain degree of concentration.

Concentration means focusing your undivided attention on one single thought, action, or project, in accordance with your will and decision, for a certain length of time, while ignoring distractions and unrelated thoughts.

"How to Focus Your Mind", teaches you how to strengthen your ability to focus. This ability will save you time, help you avoid errors, and enable you to complete projects.

You will find in this book useful tips and empowering concentration exercises for cultivating a focused and sharp mind.

10-15 minutes a day of practising concentration exercises would make a great difference in your life. You will see improvement of your ability to focus your mind after a few weeks of practice.

Learn how to focus your mind, and your life would improve in many areas.

Concentration is one of the pillars of inner peace. When this ability is well-developed, inner peace becomes easier to attain.

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If your mind wanders where it wills, and you cannot focus it on one thing at a time, how can you complete a task or achieve a goal?

When you control your thoughts, you control your destiny. Don't let anything get in the way of your success. Learn to focus your mind.


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How to Focus Your Mind

How to Focus Your Mind

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You can read this eBook on your PC, laptop, Mac, iPad, iPhone, tablet or smartphone.

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