Strengthen Your Willpower and Self Discipline

Willpower and Self Discipline

Do you leave things half done?
Do you procrastinate or let laziness win?
Do you make promises but fail to keep them?

Learn how to strengthen your willpower and self-discipline, choose effort over procrastination and laziness, and persevere with your actions until you accomplish your goals.

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Newly Revised Edition, August 2016

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eBook Description:

You cannot achieve anything meaningful in life, unless you are persistent, perseverant, and stick to your goals until you achieve them. To do so, you need a strong willpower and a strong self-discipline. These two skills are most useful when carrying out decisions and tasks, when you need to take action, and when dealing with most of life's situations.

In this book, you will find easy to follow guidance and instructions, and the highlights of the book, the simple, powerful exercises.

Practicing the exercises in this book will help you to:

•  Carry out plans and decisions in spite of inconvenience and inner resistance.

•  Overcome laziness and procrastination.

•  Strengthen your self-control, decisiveness and determination.

•  Learn to carry out tasks that you don't like to do, but are essential for your success.

•  Start doing things, like exercising your body, losing weight, learning a new skill, or making improvements in your life, and continue doing them until you succeed.

•  Develop patience and perseverance.

•  Get rid of negative habits.

•  Learn to forgo immediate gratification, so you can achieve greater and more satisfying goals in the long run.

And much more.

A person can be talented, bright and educated, however, without strong willpower and self-discipline, he or she will not accomplish much.

With these skills you would be able to ignore discomfort and inner resistance, and persevere with your actions until you reach the goals you have set for yourself.

With stronger willpower and self-discipline, you will have the inner strength to persevere with whatever you want to do, such as losing weight, shaping your body, studying, building a career, and achieving success in your job, in business, and in every other area.

Practicing the willpower and self-discipline exercises will strengthen these two important skills and would fill the reservoir of your inner strength, so that it becomes available for you to use, any time you need it and for any purpose.

What You Will Learn from This eBook:

You will learn how to strengthen your willpower, self-discipline and self-control, by practicing simple and effective exercises. You will also learn to stick to your decisions and carry them out, despite inner resistance, discomfort, and the tendency to procrastinate or give up.

Buy and download this eBook, like many others did, and begin to strengthen your willpower & self discipline.

Why is This eBook Unique?

It is rare to find books that teach a training program with all the necessary information, knowledge and exercises like this one. It offers you both the knowledge and the tools for overcoming obstacles and inner resistance, so you can realize your wishes and goals, and carry out whatever you choose to do.

The exercises are simple and do not require any special skills, conditions, place, or time to practice. You can practice them anywhere and at any time, without any prior preparations, and you can therefore, easily integrate them in your everyday life.

Each exercise takes only a few minutes of your time, but the results are significant and rewarding.

Who Would Benefit from This eBook?

Everyone who wants to gain inner strength and have more control over his or her life, overcome obstacles, and do better at work, at home, in business and at sports, will benefit from this eBook.

If you want to be able to handle your everyday affairs more efficiently and get more rewarding results, you would find this eBook most useful.

About the Author

My name is Remez Sasson. I am the founder of the website, which I have been running successfully since 2001.

I am the author of articles and books that teach how to create a life of success, happiness and inner peace.

We all want to success, happiness and inner peace, but do not know how to do get them. In my books, I provide the knowledge, tools and exercises for getting them.

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Strengthen Your Willpower and Self Discipline

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