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im so happy to find this website. all this while i've been thinking it's my fate to be unhappy. bcos i according to me some ppl in this world are born lucky and some born unlucky to be happy. but after reading some articles in this website, i found it wrong! i should thank god made me found this page. i hope i can improve myself day after day!! well done to Mr.Remez.
Saturday January 17 2009 06:19:18 - malaysia

rahul kamble
It's very good and positive thinking website. Whatever mentioned is true with our daily life. Many thanks for the people who contributed their knowledge and guidance.
Wednesday January 7 2009 09:45:45 - united kingdom

Tito kinoti
If the whole world can know about this wonderful website, we can live a better life.keep it up Mr. Remez, you are such an inspiration.
Wednesday December 31 2008 06:42:44 - Kenya - East Africa

I'm so glad I've found this website. I truely believe and feel that I will be able to accomplish my personal goals and desires by learning how to apply the awesome power of Positive Affirmations to my life today. I believe I deserve to and will be happy soon.
Sunday December 28 2008 15:59:13 - San Diego, Ca.

jp thomas
just wishing upon the stars to find happiness and so happy I found the site ,thank you
Saturday December 27 2008 11:07:22 - austin texas

We are all more powerful than we know. Thank you for reminding me.
Sunday December 21 2008 12:46:09 - Virginia, USA

This is a fantastic site. I visit it every day for inspiration, it helps so much and I will continue to visit this site until I have covered every segment. Awesome stuff, thanks!
Tuesday December 16 2008 00:42:23 - Australia

Goswaraj Gaikowad
This is one among my favorite websites that helps develop positive life with contents par excellence. Visiting it time and again.Regards.
Monday December 15 2008 04:58:37 - India

A useful site for a person to get motivated and be a successful person in life. Please carry with more and different topics.
Thursday December 11 2008 01:49:47 - India

rhonda Caldwell
wow, what a great site.Iam very glad to have come across this page. i wish u all well in all that you do. Please learn about reiki if you dont already know about it oh and by the way remember to always love all and serve all.
Monday December 8 2008 17:54:38 - indianapolis,in

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