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Walter Olsen
Thank you for your important work! I've been trying positive thinking and power awakening for many years, and I'm a believer!
Sunday September 21 2008 15:01:42 - Midwest, USA

I have found it. It takes time and a lot of love around which we try to share around or perhaps we have missed sometimes in our life. But with an expectation that tomorrow is a new day and yesterday was a dream. Tomorrow is a mystery, today is reality.
Why do simple when we can do it complicated;
Given that there's no solution implies that there is no problem;
I'm so a psychologist that in every solution I find a problem!
Saturday September 20 2008 16:59:14 - Somewhere on a small island in the indian ocean

I have had a great time tonight reading and viewing your website. I believe the hours I spent on your website were very productive! I added your site to my faveorites. I will be back again.
Saturday September 13 2008 04:17:40 - USA

lisa *
Thank you universe for this site. I am alive and willing to learn*
Tuesday September 9 2008 13:15:29 - uk

I'm a beginning learner in spiritual growth and I'm in the process of improving my relationship with God as well as myself and I think this site is a great beginning for me. I'ts a very beautiful and positive site that has great information in it and it is starting to help me alot. Thank you.
Sunday September 7 2008 18:02:01 - Lawton, OK

Therold Fenty
I have been on my Spiritual path consciously now for 8 years. I have found info here that overlaps and blends in perfectly with all the wonderful enlightening and empowering teachings that I have been involved in! Keep up the good work and thank you for assisting in spreading the light across the planet!!!
Friday August 29 2008 23:41:12 - Barbados

Gracie :)
Keep up the great work! I'm usually an extremely positive and happy person, but when something happens to try to get me down, this site picks me right back up again and keeps me on my track. Thank you.

Have a positive day!
Thursday August 28 2008 13:59:18 - Ellwood City, Pennsylvania USA

Thank you for proving love is a free will gift
Monday August 11 2008 09:19:45 - USA

Tuesday August 5 2008 13:19:41

This site is what I have been looking for, get rid of the negativity and live a happy life
Thursday July 31 2008 05:12:01 - UK

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