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this site, in great change in my life is somthing that gives me bliss - responds to bliss within me. beautifull!
Sunday October 15 2006 18:38:47 - switzerland

Thanks for this wonderful site with tons of information,reading various articles and topics has given me a freshness and new outlook to deal with life.
Sunday October 8 2006 07:30:18 - USA

Marie Phillips
Love the new look. Have missed getting my e-zine due to a spam block so will check the website on a weekly basis from now on. Keep on doing what you do so well!! You have helped me change my life so much for the better.
Wednesday October 4 2006 05:32:28 - Brussels Belgium

Julie Iris Rose
This is a truly refreshing site! I have been practicing and encouraging these behaviors as long as I can remember. It is wonderful to see such information readily available and well explained. We are embarking on a new awareness of the Human experience. Be positive, peaceful and loving towards one another...
Saturday September 23 2006 18:01:49 - Pennsylvania USA

Atalebe Stephen
I have never seen a site so informative as this. This site have taught me that nothing human is infinetely impossible and with proper control of the mind, one can make a tremendous impact on the world. Indeed I have started distributing your website to friends and they all report that it is just great. It is really a success consciousness site.
Tuesday September 19 2006 12:01:40 - Ghana

vanitha bharadwaj
I was very much alone, not able to know the strengths in me and happiness around me in the form of my family.this site really works out.
congrats for your excellent efforts.
Monday September 18 2006 14:27:13 - india

Larry Eiseman
What a great site. I wish I would have found this earlier. I will repeat and acquire the information and skills taught.
Sunday September 17 2006 11:07:45 - Colorado

louise oliver
this page has made my mind more open and made me feel better within
Tuesday September 5 2006 08:36:08 - uk

Mike F.
Your site is great!!! This is the wisdom I used to transend human nature, and rise above this world. To seek the Truth, is to eliminate all uncertainty, and find harmony with your place in existence. Lots of love to you all!!!!
Sunday September 3 2006 00:01:47 - Fort Edward, N.Y.

thanks for creating this site...u really touch my heart and soul.
God bless u all!!!
Sunday August 20 2006 02:27:19 - philippines

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