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I wanted to share my personal experience. I am going through my first pregnancy and some results came abnormal.I still had a chance to go through more invasive tests and confirm. I went for those tests with complete confidence that my baby is alright.I got the results, everything is absolutely normal.This site has helped me tremendously in gaining control over my thoughts . The language is very easy to understand and the methods are so very hands-on based.
Thursday March 8 2007 12:56:36 - USA

radhika iyer
i must say i had a very laid back attitude towards everything, i often postponed things saying i didnt have enough time but i never realised i myself wasted time on unnecessary thoughts that were lingering around my mind ::but now i have a very positive approach 2wards everything i do and i have increaced my concentraton levels
Monday March 5 2007 16:22:18 - india

What a neat site.
Monday March 5 2007 14:13:08 - VT

I love this site, it has really helped me a lot to be positive in my day to day living.
Wednesday February 28 2007 01:06:52 - Jamaica

Sunny Isaac
I just love this site!
Tuesday February 27 2007 09:39:53 - Africa

i love your website!!
Saturday February 24 2007 14:55:26 - south florida

Claudia Knight
Thank you so much for this providing the world with such a wonderful website. You are amazing! I have returned back about 10 times within the last week to read more information on your website because you have a natural way of explaining things and it just makes. I am a motivational speaker and I will be quoting a few things that you have mentioned as well as providing all the people I speak to with your website address. Thank you so much for this gift!
Friday February 23 2007 07:52:46 - Toronto, Canada

This was exactly the kind of things i was looking for calming mind .Thank you so much .This site is too good.
Thursday February 22 2007 03:23:37 - India

I found this site while looking for some information on positive thinking for a negative thinking friend. I thought I was a happy person, but after reading just a few articles, I feel like a new person ! I will be back for more self improvement ! Thank you SO much!
Wednesday February 21 2007 21:11:42 - NC, USA

Dubravka Rukavina (Lakshmi)
I am happy I've been guided unknowingly to this excellent website. Like many visitors before me, I will come back, as often as I can, to read, learn, enjoy and share the spirit of togetherness. Our time spent on this website is a time well spent indeed! Thank you, Mr Remez Sasson, and all the best!
Tuesday February 20 2007 08:22:25 - Zagreb, Croatia (Europe)

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