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This site is very nice, It gives more thoughts on the inner mind. And very helpful for spiritual development. Thanks for this development.
Tuesday January 3 2012 04:14:56 - India

I found your webpage to be full of all the things im looking for, thanks for such a easy page to follow and may i carry on to seek more from you in the furure
Saturday December 31 2011 04:14:36 - UK

gaone faith
Thank you so much for the information it has helped to grow in different ways!
Wednesday December 21 2011 09:15:58 - botswana

Saravanan Mudaliar
I am really thankful to this web site because all the quotes and books are written in very simple manner from the base defination and every thing is mentioned in very clear way. It is very useful for spiritual growth and gives discriminating ideas to deal with day to day life problems in good manners
Wednesday December 7 2011 02:40:31 - India

This site is wonderful. I have benefited many ways from the weatlth of wisdom. I'm a stutterer and undiagnosed Attention Deficit Disorder-Thanks Sri Chinomy!
Saturday December 3 2011 06:39:40 - United States, Texas

I'm using your website as a homepage. Thank you for maintaining this free and for all the efforts put in it. God bless you and more power! ;)
Thursday November 24 2011 04:50:37 - Pasig, Philippines

jagat mani uprety
I love this web site very nice.
Wednesday November 16 2011 04:12:18 - NP

I have only recently made the Shift towards spiritual growth and have a desire to want to grow. The site is inspiring and educational. Thank you to who all is involved. It's at the top of my favorite's list.
Thursday November 3 2011 02:50:35 - Dubai

B. Rama Rao
I like reading books on "Motivation & Inspiration". When i opened and read one free article of this web site, I could not stop myself from downloading all the articles from it. The pages totalled 167. I thank you profusely for probono supply of this invaluable wisdom.
Tuesday November 1 2011 10:43:48 - India

thanks a lot Sir. It has helped me to look at life in a positive way. I love to read whenever i get time be it in the office or at home.
Monday October 31 2011 05:40:33 - India

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