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Bill Wisnom
A few years ago, the son of a friend of mine was in desperate need of a kidney transplant. Her little boy had been going through dialysis since he was very young, and the doctors said that if a kidney did not become available soon, he was going to die. One evening, I had read an article about visualization, so I tried it. I imagined the family in the kitchen, the telephone ringing, and the hospital calling with good news that a kidney had become available. In two weeks the very thing happened! Today, Dillon is a healthy and happy 12 year old boy. Loved your site!!! Thanks.
Wednesday August 17 2005 23:51:53 - Fawn Grove, PA

This is simply Great! Thank you so much for sharing, God bless you.
Thursday August 4 2005 10:17:49 - Eritrea

With the help of this site - I have been using power of visualizations and positive thinking and have made a 360 turn in my way of thinking. I feel truly blessed. I visualize and I get what I visualize! It is better than magic! I would like to read more inspiring stories specially about a master and student types. God bless this site. Om shanit Om! peace love prosper!
Tuesday July 26 2005 11:46:55 - USA

Clive Angwenyi
As I write I am on a research cruise in the pacific ocean where all I can see is water. Your site gave me something to read and practice doing. How I wish that many people will have a chance to read the same.
Wednesday July 20 2005 18:08:30 - Kenya

Bob Kish
Loved your site - very inspirational.
Wednesday July 13 2005 16:30:29 - Arizona

Thank you for the good work. Your site is fantastic.
Tuesday July 5 2005 04:10:28 - USA

Thanks for sharing your website.
Sunday July 3 2005 00:53:22 - WI US

All concepts are written & explained in an excellent manner. The messages are very inspiring & motivating.
Wednesday June 29 2005 16:15:47 - Canada

I am about to go to a hostel far away from my native town for my engg studies. Now after reading the articles and inspirational stories, I feel very confident and positive.
Thursday June 16 2005 14:56:25 - India

Samuel Morris
Your site is special!
Thank you for your work
Sunday June 12 2005 08:42:34 - USA

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