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your site has given me so much information about the power of the mind and iam so excited and life has taken on a new meaning.
Friday June 10 2005 22:26:41 - nigeria

I feel like I just found a hidden treasure! Thank you so much for being out there. Being a wife, full time student aiming toward the Federal level and full time mother of three, I need all the help I can get!
Tuesday June 7 2005 12:02:25 - Minnesota

I find your web site very inspiring! It is also well organised and provides a great variety of information on positive thinking. It has opened my eyes and I can feel that positive changes have just started to enter my life. Thank you very much:-)))
Wednesday June 1 2005 05:27:32 - Hungary

The entry in your blog is the most sensible explanation I've seen on telepathy. My children and I, particularly my daughter, have been aware for a long time that we communicate by telepathy and we have been curious as to why we are so sure of this ability but others seem not to know they have it. We concluded that we became aware of it because my children needed to use it to attract my attention, when they needed me but couldn't call out - we have a genetic disorder and they were very sick as kids. Later we 'played' with the ability, testing what we could do just for fun. Your explanation makes sense!
Saturday May 21 2005 05:38:54 - Bedford UK

I found the Visualization and Attaining Wealth information invaluable. Thank you!
Friday May 20 2005 20:47:06 - Austin, TX

This site has helped me in ways i could never have imagined. Thank you for offering so much. It truly has helped me with my life and the many struggles i will now begin to overcome.
Thursday May 5 2005 20:59:32 - Ontario, Canada

Ben Watts
Site was very interesting for me
I wish you and your site everything best!
Friday April 29 2005 09:32:04 - USA

Oh, I really needed this information. I have been struggling with some issues and this really put me into perspective.
Tuesday April 26 2005 16:58:43 - USA, Wisconsin

Lloyd Nana Adu Richardson
I am so inspired! Keep up the good job folks. Indeed the human mind is a powerful tool that needs to be nurtured well and put to good use. I need more inspiring stories.
Wednesday April 20 2005 11:52:22 - Accra-Ghana, West Africa

Sahir K M
Nice to read the articles, especially for people with disturbed minds. If the articles are more focussed on some practices, rather than expaining the terms, it would have been wonderful.
Saturday April 16 2005 10:30:53 - Now from Sultanate of Oman

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