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Soul Symbols-Your Personal Sacred Geometry
Your site is very informative and I especially like the article on Spirituality and Nonduality.
Great work,
Patricia Dupuis
Thursday April 14 2005 15:38:38 - Canada

M. Anthony
In response to your telepathy post in your blog
Great Site!

Although I agree with most of what you say, I disagree on a subtle yet important level. We are using "telepathy' all the time. Otherwise, we wouldn't be able to communicate. Sure, we may call it "body language" or "reading between the lines" but everyone has many people in their lives who they are able to see "beyond the words" to the real meaning of their statements.
We might "sense" that they mean something other than what they "say" but that's still telepathy and oftentimes, we misinterpret what the other person "meant" because we are literally on "different wavelengths". The structure of language has telepathy already implied because it's so common for us.
The ability to "read" or recieve/send messages over long distances is what most people consider "telepathy." And really this ability is something that can be honed just like anything else. It just takes practice at weeding out all the other distracting "wavelengths" that are floating through the air to focus on the person we want.

M. Anthony
Tuesday April 12 2005 08:25:22

What a wonderful site!I shall return many times. Thanks!
Saturday April 9 2005 08:10:32 - USA

I like your site
Saturday April 9 2005 03:05:21 - USA

I found your site when searching DETACHMENT through GOOOGLE.really very good and the only site which provides clear information about detachment, which is very important for spiritual awakening.
Tuesday April 5 2005 11:35:08 - now in UAE

I'm from china,This website is very good!I'm like it.
Tuesday April 5 2005 04:53:44 - USA

found this site after surfing google What a highly inspiring and dedicated site! I really appreciated and say thank you for Keep up the great work online....!
Tuesday April 5 2005 04:37:08 - USA

Reina Isabella
Absolutely amazing site, it is a great work, Thanks a lot, for all your help.
Monday April 4 2005 01:27:20 - Ontario, Canada

Daniel Pierson
This is the best thing I have ever tried and it is a total life saver
Thursday March 31 2005 11:10:18 - Woodburn USA

Great web site
Wednesday March 30 2005 07:21:03 - Australia

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