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I just came across the web site tonight but it really seems like it is a very interesting and informative site. I love all of the mind over matter info!
Sunday May 15 2011 23:47:52 - Chesapeake, VA

Very precise and practical.
Friday May 6 2011 15:55:25 - India

Krystal Gill
Such a simple and soothing website. The information is very encouraging and true.I practice meditation and this is added ingredients to my favorite dish. You feel a sense of peace, happiness and rewarding when these readings are put into practice. I recommended this website to my parents and I will continue to recommend it.
Friday May 6 2011 09:56:55 - Trinidad and Tobago

Suneeta Padhi
Really a very good site for everybody.
It is just like a medicine for the patient like us who all need treatment from the desease of polluted mind, stress and depression.
Thanks a lot.
Wednesday April 27 2011 07:00:35 - Hyderabad

This site is good chance to know positive thinking. Thank you for your attempts.
Saturday April 16 2011 03:14:58 - Iran

This site is really an eye opener. please recommend it to a friend every time you visit it.
Tuesday April 12 2011 05:50:02 - mzimba, malawi

Eurika !! I found you. Your style of writing resonates with my sense of understanding these concepts. Thank you for your Gift and many blessings with love, Ora
Sunday April 10 2011 21:01:09 - Miami Beach

Deborah Parks
Creative visualization helped me in my recovery from bilateral mastectomy surgery. I know this for a certainty as I created a graphite drawing of a calladium leaf during my short recovery and while filling in each vein and cell of the leaf I visualized my own veins and cells rejuvenating. This drawing has become the logo for my company, Energy Flow Project which is dedicated to helping those faced with life-threatening illness by utilizing the principles of positive energy and creative visualization.
Saturday April 9 2011 15:39:08 - USA

I just came across your webiste and reinforces some principles I had just been made aware of. I will be visiting your site a lot more and believe in the power we have to visualize and create the life that we want.
Tuesday April 5 2011 15:07:58 - Belize

Jitendra Singh Verma
It is providing such good information and guidance for mediation, peace and success. I have benefited a lot and improved my meditation, life and have overall good success in life.
Tuesday April 5 2011 05:51:00 - India

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