Turn Peace of Mind Into a Habit

By Remez Sasson

What do you prefer, a restless, agitated mind or a peacful mind? The naswer is quiet obvious. No one "enjoys" tension and mental unrest.

What would you gain if could keep your mind peaceful?
A state of peace of mind leads to better emotional and physical health, increased energy, stronger mental powers, improved memory, and a better ability to learn and study. It also helps you handle your daily affairs of life in a more efficient manner, and it eases stress in difficult situations.

We live in a world where fear, strain and restlessness abound. You might think that there is nothing to do about it, and therefore, accept this situation as an inevitable evil, but you don't have to. You can experience inner peace even under stressful conditions and circumstances, but it does not come instantly. It is developed gradually, through training.

Making your mind peaceful

  • Just think how important peace of mind is for you. Become convinced of its importance, and decide to do something about it.
  • Study and practice concentration and meditation on a regular basis, and your inner peace will grow.
  • Repeat affirmations about peace, and eventually your mind will accept them.
  • Visualize peaceful circumstances, and envision yourself acting calmly in situations, which usually make you feel tense and nervous.

Daily practice will calm down your mind. This calmness will affect your inner being, your body, your circumstances and the people you meet. It will transform you into a peacefulness and calmness generator.

If you are afraid that peace of mind might make your life dull, uninteresting and boring, you do not have to worry about that. You can enjoy life with a peaceful mind. In fact you will enjoy it more, because you will experience calmness, happiness and inner strength. You will not feel threatened by anything. You will have constant inner joy.

You might need to give up some activities that agitate your mind, but the rewards are greater than the pleasure these activities bring you. When you start experiencing real peace, you will love and enjoy it. It will become more precious to you, than many other activities you loved and enjoyed until now.

  • You will be able to enjoy an action movie or a thriller, yet stay calm and relaxed.
  • You will be able to enjoy a football game, while at the same time your mind remains calm and unagitated.
  • You will be able to enjoy food, physical exercises, your hobbies, or anything else, without stress or restlessness.

Doing inner work, such as meditation and concentration, will ultimately, turn peace of mind into a natural habit.

Think about all the anger, resentment, unhappiness, physical and mental tension, nervousness, strife and the waste of time and energy that results from lack of inner peace, and you will start to appreciate the importance of gaining real peace of mind.

Read the other articles at this website, as well as our books, and practice what they teach, and you life will soon start to change for the better.

Peace of Mind in Daily Life

Peace of Mind in Daily Life

Learn to free your mind from stress, worries and negative thoughts, and enjoy a state of inner peace in your everyday life. Practicing the lessons in this book, even for just a few minutes a day, will calm your restless mind and create inner peace in your life.

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