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The Benefits and Meaning of Inner Freedom

By Remez Sasson

Our thoughts, ideas and beliefs are often shaped by what we see, hear or read. It is always some kind of external influence that shapes the way we think. Parents, family members, friends, television, newspapers and the books we read have much to do with the way we think.

Too often, the information that enters our minds is not filtered by us, and sinks into the subconscious mind, where it becomes part of ourselves. The matter is that not all the information, thoughts or ideas we receive are true, correct or useful, and if we accept them passively, we lose our inner freedom.

On the other hand, if we examine the information we receive, using our judgment, experience and intuition, we will develop inner freedom and the freedom of choice.

How many people really possess inner freedom, and the freedom to choose their own thoughts? How many possess the ability not to let their minds and moods get affected by external events and by what people say and do. Very few indeed! To do so, one requires understanding of what inner freedom is, and at least some inner strength and inner detachment.

  • Inner freedom enables you to form your own judgment.

  • It enables you to choose your own reactions to outside stimuli, and avoid acting according to subconscious programming.

  • It enables you to do what you believe is right and correct, without fears or doubts.

  • It enables you to choose your own thoughts, and to form your own beliefs and priorities.

  • It enables you to think in unlimited ways.

  • You overome the tendency to follow unconsciously what others think and do.

  • Inner freedom means inner awakening and becoming more aware of the real you.

This is just a short list of what inner freedom means, and what it enables you to do. You don't need to act and react like a programmed robot. You can wake up, awaken to your real and true self, and become a conscious, independent and free being.

Now, you are asking how can you gain inner freedom. This requires some inner work to be done. Actually, every article you read at this website will take you one step closer to inner freedom. All the articles contain information, instructions, advice, exercises or insight to help you.

The most important tools are concentration, meditation, peace of mind, willpower, self discipline, emotional detachment. All are covered within this website. More detailed information and guidance can found in my books available at this website.

Just take one step at a time and enjoy the inner journey. Every small victory will take you forward, toward inner freedom.

If you set on a journey and are impatient to reach your destination, you will suffer and not enjoy the journey. When you get to your destination you will be tired and nervous.

If you focus your attention on the way you pass through, and on the scenery you see on your way, you will enjoy your trip and arrive fresh and happy. It is the same with all forms of inner growth.

Focus on each step and don't be too impatient to arrive at your destination.

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