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Quotes on Perseverance

Remez Sasson on Perseverance

1. "It is not enough to start a project. You have also to continue and persevere, until you accomplish it."

2. "Perseverance is like driving a bulldozer that moves on and on, removing all obstacles on the way."

3. "Perseverance is the act of going all the way, from having an idea in the mind to making it a reality."

4. "It is important to keep your enthusiasm at the start line, middle line, and at the finish line."

5. "To accomplish anything, one must never give up in the face of obstacles or failures."

6. "Success is the outcome of desire, vision, action and perseverance."

7. "Most accomplishments were preceded by persistence and perseverance."

8. "Nothing can stand in the face of a person who is self disciplined and possesses willpower."

9. "Tenacity of purpose is one of signs of a great man or woman."

10. "Perseverance is like mighty river that flows towards the ocean, and which no obstacle can stop."

11. "Learn from failure and then courageously start again. This will lead you to success."

12. "If you keep moving toward your destination, you will eventually arrive there."

13. "The person who never gives up is that person that achieves success."

14. "If something doesn't work out as expected or planned today, it will tomorrow, if you are determined enough."

15. "You don't become an expert in one day, it is a process that takes time and effort."

16. "Perseverance is the secert ingredient of accomplishment."

17. "How can you get anything in life if you give up easily?"

18. "To go straight on, not heeding obstacles and failure is a sign of inner strength."

19. "Decide what you want to achieve, and then work diligently and fearlessly to achieve it."

20. "Perseverance is composed of patience, willpower, self discipline and self control."

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