How to Gain a State of Inner Freedom

By Remez Sasson

A sense of inner freedom is one of the characteristics of spiritual awakening. This freedom has nothing to do with one's circumstances, location, financial situation or any other external situation. It is an inner feeling, accompanied by a calm mind.

The mind is never still. It always thinks, analyzes, comments, and conducts inner talks. It thinks according to past programming and education, and therefore, moves in a predetermined path. There is no freedom in this situation.

Freedom starts when you can quiet the mind's activities.

To some extent, this situation happens during deep sleep. At this time, the mind is usually quiet, unless dreaming. However, the aim should be to experience this state when fully awake, while talking, eating, working, walking, and in every other situation.

When you experience inner freedom, problems and difficulties do not necessarily disappear. They might be still there, but your attitude toward them changes. They don't burden you, as they did before, and therefore, you can more easily deal with them.

After attaining inner freedom, you feel as if nothing ties you to anything. You are free from past programming, unburdened by what people think or say about you, and from limiting thoughts and ideas.

With a sense of inner freedom, you are no longer emotionally and mentally tied to any manner of thinking, tradition, religion or nationality. Your mind is free to think or to stay quiet.

In this state, the mind is not compelled to think all the time and to run from one thought to another. Your mind becomes focused and under your control, and this saves you a lot of emotional and mental energy.

This state is synonymous with inner peace, happiness and spiritual awakening.

Inner freedom allows you to feel oneness with the Cosmos, far beyond the limits of your individuality and body. It takes away the feelings of limitation, weakness, and fear.

How Can You Gain Inner Freedom?

  • Concentration exercises are of great help.
  • Meditating, for even only 10 minutes a day, would be helpful
  • Trying to calm your mind and emotions when you are agitated.
  • Developing emotional detachment is very helpful.
  • Reading inspiring quotes before going to bed at night, and upon waking up in the morning.

The books, Peace of Mind in the Busy Daily Life and Emotional Detachment for Happier Life contain a lot of information, guidance, exercises, and instructions to aid you gain a state of inner freedom and peace, and walk the path toward spiritual awakening.

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