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Email Promotion Through Newsletters

If you have a newsletter, you can include in it an email promotion letter. You may also send this letter, as a solo ad, to your subscribers. This is most productive, because it comes from you to your subscribers.

You may also post the promotional letters on your website, with your affiliate link added.

Below you will find the ready-made promotional letters. You may edit them, or if you wish, you may write one in your own words. You may also format the text to fit your newsletter.

Letter for Inner Peace in the Busy Daily Life
Letter for Build Up a Strong Willpower
Letter for Visualize and Achieve Your Dreams
Letter for Affirmations - Words with Power

Here is a letter for promoting all the ebooks:

Dear subscriber,

Remez Sasson has written several amazing ebooks, containing a lot of useful information, tips and guidance to help you attain inner power and success.

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Check out these ebooks:

Inner Peace in the Busy Daily Life
This is a guide to attaining peace of mind, mental mastery and freedom from restless and negative thinking. It is packed with instructions, advice, techniques, exercises and meditations, written in a clear and easy to understand language.

There are many benefits you can gain from this ebook, such as overcoming anxiety, stress, worries and negative thinking, and attaining calmness, self control, inner strength and emotional and mental detachment. You will also learn how to concentrate and meditate, so as to be able to enjoy inner bliss and freedom from restless thinking.

Build Up a Strong Willpower
Here you will find techniques to boost your willpower and self-discipline, which you have not seen anywhere before. Besides the advice and guidance, the ebook contains many simple, but powerful exercises that you can practice at any time, wherever you are.

If you desire to have more self-control, become more decisive, overcome addictions and weakness, and fill your life with inner power and strength, then this ebook is for you.

Visualize and Achieve Your Dreams
In this the ebook, Remez Sasson explains how you can attract and create opportunities and success, using creative visualization techniques and the powers of your mind. You will find detailed information and clear instructions and guidance. It is one of the most practical books written about this subject.

Affirmations - Words with Power
This is a practical and common sense guide on the power of affirmations, which Remez Sasson has written together with his wife Dorina. In this ebook they explain in clear and easily understood manner, how one should affirm, when to affirm, the correct mental and emotional attitudes to adopt and much more.

If you desire to know how to use a simple and very handy tool for success, then this ebook is for you.

With each purchase you will also receive bonus ebooks. You can see the list of the bonus ebooks at the web address below.

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I am sure that if you purchase one of the ebooks, you will soon return to purchase the others too!

With the help of these ebooks you will be able to: Attain peace of mind
Gain mental power and mastery
Develop willpower
Develop self discipline
Overcome Addictions
Overcome indecisiveness
Achieve more success
Make more money
Achieve your dreams
Improve your health
Improve your relationships
Improve your life
and much more!

Immediate download after purchase, through a secure server!

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Thank you,

End of letter