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Promotional Letter for Peace of Mind in Daily Life

Would you like to overcome stress, anxiety and worry?

Would you like to gain inner peace, mental mastery and freedom from restless thinking?

Or maybe you wish to advance on the path of spiritual growth?

At last, here is a book completely dedicated to gaining true inner peace. It is called, Peace of Mind in Daily Life, and is a complete home training course, which shows how to calm down the endless inner chatter of your mind, overcome negative thoughts, and gain peace of mind, inner strength and happiness.

The book has been written as a conversation between a teacher and a pupil. This format made it easier to explain and teach this subject, ask questions and answer them.

Among the subjects covered in this book are:

The importance of positive thinking for peace of mind.

Emotional detachment, and how it can help you gain inner peace.

How to calm down the incessant chatter of the mind, and overcome anxieties, worries and negative thinking.

Concentration, meditation and mental mastery.

Staying calm, undisturbed and collected in trying and difficult situations.

Attaining happiness.

Meditation techniques for peace of mind.

When facing demands at work, dealing with emotional situations, struggling with a relationship or facing difficulties, obstacles or emergencies, stressful thoughts and feelings can be overwhelming, and may cause stress-related physical or emotional problems, anxiety and unhappiness.

By learning to remain calm and serene, both mentally and emotionally, in these or similar situations, you avoid being affected by them, and can handle them in a better and more efficient and stress-free manner.

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