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Promotional Letter for the eBook Visualize and Achieve

Your thoughts create the life you are living. If your predominant thoughts are negative, you attract negative circumstances into your life, but if your predominant thoughts are positive, you attract success and positive circumstances into your life.

On this premise, the ebook Visualize and Achieve shows in clear language how you can take advantage of this mental law, in order to transform your life and achieve your dreams and goals.

There are many books on the subject of creative visualization, the ability to create and attract success into your life, but Visualize and Achieve is quite different. It does not just inspire and motivate, it actually shows and explains clearly what are the necessary steps to take advantage of this power.

It is actually one of the most practical guides on the mental laws of success and how to turn your thoughts, dreams, visions and goals into reality. It explains in detail everything one need to know in order to use the power of creative visualization effectively.

You have dormant inner powers within you, which you hardly use. The aim of this ebook is to awaken these powers, and to teach you to use them correctly. These are not supernatural powers, but normal powers everyone possesses, but of which few are aware.

Your thoughts and imagination exert a strong influence on your life. If you visualize failure and hardships, then this is what you will reap, but if you visualize success, you will be able to create wonderful miracles in your life.

In this ebook the author, Remez Sasson, explains and offers advice and exercises for developing the abilities to concentrate, visualize, think positively and attract success. He also shows, through examples and guiding stories, what to do, how to visualize and what to visualize in order to attain various goals.

The book is divided into twelve chapters, all packed with practical information, advice and clear instructions.

Visualize and Achieve is available as an ebook in PDF format, which you can download to your computer and read immediately after purchase.

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