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Do you want to overcome laziness and procrastination?

Do you lack the ability to follow your decisions and resolutions?

Do you lack persistence and perseverance, and therefore, you are unable achieve success?

Do you want to be in control of yourself and of your life?

Do you want to possess the firmness and resoluteness to say "no" to people, when you mean it?

Do you need to boost your self confidence, self esteem and assertiveness?

If you do, you need to read the book Willpower and Self Discipline.

This book offers you a complete program for gaining willpower, self discipline and inner strength, with all the information, advice, instructions and exercises you need.

You will find simple exercises, which you can perform at any time or place.

Will power and self discipline are skills that everyone should possess, and are indispensable for success in all areas in life, at work, in business, sports and relationships, as well as in meditation, self-improvement and spiritual growth.

If you want to overcome indecisiveness, laziness or negative habits, you need willpower and self discipline.

In this book, Remez Sasson presents this most important subject in a clear, lucid and straightforward way. He offers practical advice, guidance, instructions and exercises to strengthen your willpower, self discipline and self control.

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