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Positive Affirmations and Statements and Why They Work

Positive Affirmations

“What you repeatedly think and say is what you get”.

If you find it difficult to think positively, affirmations can help you change the way you think. It is a powerful method to transform thinking patterns.

Affirmations are positive statements that use the power of words to program the subconscious mind. They can build new habits, free you from negative habits, and motivate you toward success.

The greatness of the human mind is that it can think and imagine what does not exist right now. It can envision situations and circumstances that are different from the current reality and in this way, create better situations and circumstances.

By focusing frequently on certain thoughts or affirmations, you make them an important part of your life, and will you, therefore, start acting and behaving in such a way as to make them come true.

The subconscious mind is like a great and wonderful computer, and affirmations are the commands that program it to act in the way you choose.

If you feed your subconscious mind with negative thoughts and words, it will produce negative conditions, but if you feed it with positive thoughts and words, it will produce positive conditions and circumstances.

There is no magic or supernatural power involved here. Just simple mental laws.

Why Positive Affirmations and Statements Work

When you repeat positive affirmations, which are positive statements, you focus on a certain positive thought over and again.

Gradually, as you keep repeating the statement, the thought will sink into your subconscious mind, become part of your attitude and mindset, and affect your life in a positive way.

This process would make it possible to always carry this thought with you, consciously or subconsciously, and it would grow stronger until it affects your life.

Repeating positive affirmations helps you get new ideas, see and recognize opportunities, and receive help from people who are in a position to make what you are affirming come true.

There are several ways to repeat affirmations, and there are certain mental laws to follow in order to get results.

There is much more to it than just repeating words. This why I have written a book about affirmations, with all the information, instructions and guidance you need. It also includes lists of affirmations for almost every goal or purpose. The book is titled “Affirmations – Words with power“.

20 Positive Affirmations that Work

Below, you will find a few positive affirmations. Choose and repeat often the ones that appeal to you most. Remember, you need to believe the words you are repeating, so that they can take effect.

You can repeat the words below a few times a day or many times, whenever you wish.

Any time of he day is suitable, but especially in the morning immediately after waking up, or at night, in bed, before falling asleep.

1. I am happy and successful in whatever I do.

2. I choose to focus on happiness and positivity.

3. Every day, I am doing something to improve my life.

4. I have a loving partner in my life.

5. I am full of love for everyone.

6. I have love and happiness in my life.

7. I have fun and happiness in my life.

8. People love and respect me and seek my company.

9. I get along very well with everyone.

10. I am full of energy and motivation.

11. I am earning a lot of money, doing something I love.

12. I have a great job that I like very much.

13. All my ambitions are being realized.

14. Every day my life is getting better and happier.

15. Everything in my life in improving and getting better.

16. I am enjoying the good things of life.

17. I am blessed with happiness, love and success.

18. I attract positive and happy events into my life.

19. I attract the best circumstances into my life.

20. I attract positive, happy and supportive people into my life.