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Affirmations Are the Magic Words of the Mind

Affirmations Are the Magic Words of the Mind

The words you most often repeat in your mind affect your life and your future, for good or for bad.

Your words, like “magic”, influence your subconscious mind, your behavior and your actions.

Sounds strange?

Let me explain with a few examples.

You meet a man or a woman you like, but you are afraid of rejection, and therefore, you do not ask for a date. You start telling yourself repeatedly that you have no chance to get a date with this person. These words sink into your subconscious mind and make you feel bad. As you keep repeating them, you lose more and more of your confidence, and start keeping a distance from him or her, and spoil your chances of getting a date.

If you keep acting in this way, this can become a habit.

You apply for a job, but you remember the rejections you got in the past, and you tell yourself that there is no chance that you will get the job. You repeat these negative words, and unconsciously, act and behave in a way that creates a poor impression, and consequently, you do not get the job.

In these cases, the words you repeated were negative and lead to negative results. You did not do so intentionally, but you repeated negative affirmations, and like magic, they affected how you think, how you behave and how people see you.

Let’s look at different examples, to show how affirmations work in a different, positive way.

You want to get good grades in an exam. You believe in yourself, and you very much want to get good grades.

What happens in your mind in this scenario?

Without even thinking about it, you tell yourself over and again that you can, and are going to get, good grades. You repeat positive words that affect your mind like magic, creating more, motivation, desire, and faith in yourself.

As a result, you devote more time and effort to study, you grasp everything faster and better, and when the day of the exam arrives, you are more prepared, confident, and sure about your success. You focus better at the exam, and get better grades.

You repeated positive affirmations, which like magic, affected your mindset, your attitude and your actions.

Here is another example.

You want to travel abroad for a vacation, but are short of money. You may keep telling yourself how poor you are, and that you cannot afford to travel. You can also act differently, and repeat positive affirmations, telling yourself that you are going to travel and that the means would be found. You should of course, believe what you are saying and strongly desire to travel.

You words, like magic, can attract the means or opportunity, no matter how impossible it might seem. This can happen in quite normal and ordinary way, or in an unusual way. You might get a better job, find a way to make more money, get a special cheap deal, or someone might help you.

Things start happening when you repeat positive affirmations, believe in them and focus on them.

Affirmations are the magic words of the mind, affecting you, your behavior, and your subconscious mind.

How can you take advantage of affirmations, the “magic words” of the mind?

  • Be careful to avoid repeating negative words in your mind.
  • Focus on positive words.
  • Repeat the affirmations often. Repeating them once or twice are not enough.
  • If you are too negative, and find it difficult to repeat positive words, you need to keep trying, over and again, and gradually, your attitude would change. If you do so often, your lack of belief and the resistance of your mind to accept positive words will gradually start to wane.

Here are a few examples of affirmations:

“More and more happiness is filling my whole being.”

“I am definitely going to get very good grades at the exam.”

“I am getting a wonderful job with good salary.”

“Day by day, my health is improving.”

“My self-confidence is increasing day by day.”

“I enjoy the company of people, and people enjoy my company.”

Repeat them with you mind and heart, and with belief and attention, and your life would start to change accordingly.

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