Affirmations for Attracting Money

Affirmations for Money

Affirmations can help you focus your mind on money, motivate and inspire you to act and do something about having more money. They also help you become more aware of opportunities to make money.

What is holding most people from earning and having more money? It is usually one or more of the following reasons:

  • They don’t feel they deserve money. This might be due to upbringing or lack of self-esteem
  • They don’t believe they can make more money, have a better job, or progress in their job.
  • Some people are afraid to take the necessary steps to make more money. They avoid risks and starting new projects, and stay with the same job, even the pay is low.
  • If you keep thinking negative thoughts, and fill your mind with worries and fears, you do not let anything positive happen in your life, and prevent money from coming to you.
  • If you focus and keep thinking on your current financial situation, you keep creating and recreating the same situation. Instead, you need to focus on how you want your financial condition to be.

Affirmations can help you attract money into your life. Affirmations combined with planning and action can work better and faster.

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The real magic of affirmations is not repeating meaningless words, but repeating them in such a way that they motivate you to take action, inspire you, and open your eyes to recognize opportunities.

For affirmations to work, you need to affirm with faith and with the belief that what you are saying is already true. Just repeating the words with no faith and with no belief and waiting for miracles is not enough.

You need to feel and believe that what your affirming is true, or becoming true. Let the affirmation inspire and motivate you. Keep an open mind and take advantage of the opportunities that might pop up, and which can make the affirmation come true.

Affirmations are a great tool, but you also need to back them up with positive action, persistence, and the willingness to pass through the doors that open for you.

Affirmations for Attracting Money

1. Plenty of money is flowing now into my life.

2. Every day I am getting more and more money.

3. I am a money magnet.

4. Many money channels are opening for me.

5. I am now earning a lot of money.

6. My thoughts about money constantly attract money into my life.

7. I always earn more money than what I spend.

8. I love to look at my wonderful bank statement.

9. I always have great practical ideas for making money.

10. I feel joy, knowing I am attracting money into my bank account.

11. I am enjoying abundance and prosperity in my life.

12. I am always attracting money to me in harmonious ways that benefit everyone.

If you wish to learn more about affirmations, read the book Affirmations – Words with Power. In this book, you will find many affirmations for attracting money into your life, financial independence, and for achieving abundance and prosperity.

Affirmations - Words with Power

Affirmations - Words with Power

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