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30 Positive Affirmations for Women

Positive Affirmations for WomenPin

In this post, you will find positive affirmations for women, about self-esteem, confidence, self-love, happiness and personal growth.

Positive affirmations are short statements, stating what you want to achieve. Their purpose is to motivate and and inspire you, and to trigger the subconscious mind to act on your behalf, to make your wish come true.

How to repeat the affirmations?

  • Affirm to yourself that the goal you wish to realize is already a reality or becoming real.
  • Believe that what you are saying is already true or becoming true.
  • Put faith and emotions into your words.

Practicing positive affirmations is simple and easy, and is the key to making your dreams come true.

When you repeat positive statements over and again, you engrave them on your subconscious mind. This process can change your mindset, behavior and habits, and inspire, encourage and motivate you.

This process also helps you to replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts and to build new thought patterns. In short, it has a positive effect on the mind, body and soul.

This technique started to gain popularity in the last century, especially because of Louise Hay’s writings, and is still very popular.

In this blog post, you can find a list of short affirmations for women, to help you grow stronger and more successful.

Remember, affirmations work if you let them work and if you use them correctly.

Affirmations for Women

Positive affirmations for women, to enhance self-esteem and confidence, for self-love, and for happiness. Choose the one you like most and make them as your daily affirmations.

  1. Positive Affirmations for WomenPinI matter.
  2. I love and appreciate myself.
  3. I feel good about myself.
  4. I am a perfect creation of the Universe.
  5. I choose to live in peace with myself.
  6. I choose happiness.
  7. I think positive thoughts about myself.
  8. I am beautiful, smart and talented.
  9. I am proud of being smart, sexy and attractive.
  10. Self Confident WomanPin I am a self-confident woman.
  11. My curves are perfect.
  12. All my needs are provided abundantly.
  13. I am the master of my life and my destiny.
  14. I love and celebrate my womanhood.
  15. I am radiating positive energy all around me.
  16. I stand up for myself.
  17. I am honored to be a woman.
  18. I am attracting good and loyal friends into my life.
  19. I am a charming person and people seek my companionship.
  20. I am enjoying a fascinating and happy life.
  21. I have a successful career, which I love and enjoy.
  22. I fill my mind with positive thinking.
  23. Happiness, love and success are filling my life.
  24. I Am WonderfulPin What you think about me is none of my business, because I know I am wonderful.
  25. Day by day, I am becoming smarter, wiser and more attractive.
  26. I thank the Universe for having a very good life.
  27. I make time for myself every day.
  28. People like, appreciate, and respect me.
  29. I do my best to be a good mom.
  30. I love my family and my family loves my family loves me.

    How to Use Affirmations in an Effective Way

    Affirmations are simple and easy to use. Here are a few guidelines for practicing affirmations and getting results:

    1. Affirm with faith

    No matter what your present reality is, ignore the doubts and disbelief of your mind. Do not listen to it if it tells you that affirmations cannot come true. Affirm and believe that whatever you are affirming is going to become your new reality.

    2. Affirm with positive feelings

    Strive to feel happy and optimistic while affirming. You need to avoid anger, dissatisfaction or worries while repeating affirmations. Otherwise, you will drive away what you are trying to attract into your life.

    3. How many times a day should you repeat an affirmation?

    You may repeat an affirmation as many times as you wish. The more you repeat it the stronger its effect is.

    4. When to affirm

    Affirm in the morning, while still in bed, and in the evening, before falling asleep. You can also do so at any other time of the day, as many times as you wish.

    5. Do not affirm absentmindedly

    Focus your attention on the words you are repeating. Absentmindedness deprives them of their power.

    Charge your affirmations with positive feelings and a strong desire to succeed. This gives power and energy to your words and makes them more effective.

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