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Why Affirmations Sometimes Don’t Work and Sometimes They Do Produce Results?

Why Affirmations Work

Why do affirmations work sometimes and at other times seem not to work?

If you repeat an affirmation with which you are not in agreement, there might be some subconscious resistance, which can defeat the affirmation.

When there is low self-esteem, or when in difficult situations, the mind thinks about the negative current situation and finds it difficult, or almost impossible, to think of a different, positive situation.

This creates inner resistance, a lack of belief, and the subconscious expectation that the affirmation will not work.

At other times, you might feel the goal is too big or that you do not deserve to achieve it.

In these situations, your attention goes to your current negative situation instead of focusing on what you really want. You will repeat the affirmation while at the same time do not believe that it will come true.

Affirmations and the Resistance of the Mind

When there is inner resistance and lack of belief, repeating affirmations might make you more aware of your problems and of the gap between your current situation, and the words you are repeating.

Since the mind is focused on the problem and not on the positive affirmation, this aggravates the situation.

If you focus your attention on a problem instead of focusing on a solution, you make the problem bigger. When you do so, you enhance your problems and create a negative state of mind. Instead of focusing on the positive, you focus on the negative.

This does not mean that affirmations do not work. On the contrary, this proves that they do work when you use them correctly and have the right attitude.

Why Affirmations Work Do Work?

Affirmations do work and create results, even if the result is negative. This happens when you focus on what you do not want and get it. This happens quite often.

You will get results, positive or negative, in accordance with the words you repeat and the thoughts you think.

The words you repeat affect your conscious and subconscious minds, your behavior, your attitude, and how people treat you and relate to you.

For people who are in a very negative mental situation, affirmations might not be the right thing. They might get the opposite results, unless they work on their feelings, self-esteem and confidence.

They to find ways to divert their mind from negative thoughts.

It would be a good idea if they first gain self-esteem and strengthen their desire to help themselves. Afterwards, they might try repeating affirmations.

However, if you are like most people, sometimes negative, and sometimes positive, affirmation can help you become more positive, energetic, happy and successful.

Getting Results

To get results, you need to know what you want, focus on the words you are repeating, and feel and believe they are true.

As you continue using affirmations correctly, you would gradually become a more positive person.

You will also learn to divert your attention away from your problems and negative situations, and focus on the positive situation you want to create in your life.

To use affirmations effectively, you must have no doubts about your ability to achieve what you are affirming.

If it were possible to see what is going inside the minds of successful people, we would see that they consciously or unconsciously repeatedly tell themselves that they are going to succeed.

These people often repeat positive affirmations, without knowing anything about affirmations.

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After exploring the topic, we can conclude that affirmations can be effective in producing positive results. However, they do so only when they are used correctly..

Affirmations can be useful in reprogramming our subconscious minds, which in turn can affect our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. However, simply repeating positive statements without truly believing them, or without taking action towards our goals, is unlikely to produce the desired results.

Moreover, affirmations should be used in conjunction with other techniques, such as visualization, goal-setting, and taking action towards our goals. By combining these techniques, we can create a powerful feedback loop that reinforces our positive beliefs and helps us to achieve our goals.

Now that you know why affirmations don t work sometimes, you can use them correctly and obtain results.

In conclusion, affirmations can be a powerful tool for personal growth and development, for success and achievement.