7 Books that Will Create Positive Changes in Your Life

Books that Create Positive Changes

Like most people, you have great aspirations, and sometimes daydream how you want your life to look like, but do you do anything to make them come true?

  • How many times have you made plans, but did not follow them?
  • Do you daydream a lot, but never achieve these daydreams?
  • Do you wish you had more discipline and more willpower?
  • How many times have you got into stress and lost your inner peace, because you allowed other people’s thoughts, words and actions affect you?
  • How many times in your life you have wished you had better focus and concentration?

If you have always wanted to make changes in your life but never succeeded, there must be some reasons, which you need to uncover. You must be doing something wrong and you need to change it.

You also need to get certain skills, in order to have more control and mastery over your life, achieve dreams and improve your life.

The books in the following list, focus on various important skills that are essential for living a happier and more successful life. Every book covers certain skills. Check the books, and decide what skill or skills you need most, and start learning how to develop, strengthen and improve it.

You do not need to do and practice everything the books teach. Following and practicing even only 10% of what these books teach, would bring great and wonderful changes in your life, and you will become more positive, strong, peaceful and successful.

These books are not novels, which you can sit down and read in a few hours. You will get deeper understanding and better results, if you read just a few pages a day, several times a day, and try to practice what you have learned. This makes the books most suitable for carrying on your smartphone, as eBooks, and reading them whenever you have some free time.

Do you really want to make positive changes in your life, master your life and improve your life? If you do, choose one or more of the books below.

7 Books for Creating Positive Changes in Your Life

Visualize and Achieve Your Dreams

The power of your imagination is a marvelous power. When you know how to use it creatively, you can make great changes in your life, achieve goals and carry out tasks efficiently.

This book will teach you step by step, how to turn your dreams into reality and live the life you want, using creative visualization techniques. With the help of this book, you will learn how to start creating the life you want.

Emotional Detachment for Happier Life

Do you allow worries to fill your mind?
Do you take everything too personally?
Do people’s problems, words and stress affect your state of mind?

This book will teach you how to develop an attitude of detachment that will help you let go of worries, stress and negative thoughts and emotions, and start enjoying inner peace and happiness in your everyday life.

Affirmations Words with Power

Do you know that the words and phrases you repeat often, affect how you think and how you feel, and consequently, how you live, what you achieve, and how people treat you? These often-repeated phrases are called affirmations.

This book provides the information, techniques and guidance to use affirmations correctly and get real results. You will learn how to use affirmations to inspire and motivate you, change your habits, improve your health, improve relationships and attract success into your life.

Strengthen Your Willpower and Self Discipline

This books offers you advice and guidance, as well as simple and highly effective exercises to improve your willpower and self discipline, so you can use them whenever you need them, and for any purpose you need.

These skills would help you overcome procrastination and laziness, give you the inner strength to carry out decisions and persevere with your plans, and bestow the courage and inner strength you need.

How to Focus Your Mind

The ability to focus and concentrate the mind is an essential skill, necessary for studying with attention, carrying out tasks efficiently, and for achieving goals successfully.

If you cannot focus your mind on one thing for more than a few moments, and if your mind constantly jumps from one thought to another, you need to learn to concentrate, and this is the role of this book.

When your mind is focused, your attention, comprehension and efficiency improve.

Peace of Mind in the Busy Daily Life

Stress, worries, negative thoughts, and dwelling on past events, waste your time and energy and deprive you of inner peace. Getting rid of them, will bring peace into your mind and into your life.

A peaceful mind will help you remain calm in the busy everyday life, in stressful situations, and when dealing with stressful people. This means more efficiency, control and power.

This book will teach you various techniques to help you live a life without stress and anxiety, and become a poised person, able to deal effectively with every situation in your life.

Calm Down the Nonstop Chatter of Your Mind

Learn how to stop following every unimportant thought that pops up into your mind, avoid overthinking, and calm down the constant chatter of your mind. This would make your mind more peaceful, happy and strong.

When you calm down the nonstop chatter of your mind you gain poise and better control of your mind. This would help you remain calm and stay in control in the company of difficult people and when in difficult situations.

All the books were written by Remez Sasson and are in eBook format, which you can download and read on your smartphone, computer or tablet. The great thing about this is that you can carry them with you wherever you go and can read then whenever you want.

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