Mindfulness Meditation

Why and How Is Mindfulness Meditation Good for Your Health

Meditation and mindfulness are changing how people think and react. For most people, staying healthy conjures up images of working out and eating correctly. However, maintaining mental fitness is as vital as maintaining physical fitness. This is where mindful meditation comes in. Meditation is a simple, free way to bring …

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Mindful Ways to Start the Morning

4 Mindful Ways to Start Your Morning

Do you have a difficult time starting your mornings with positivity? You are not alone. In fact, according to Gallup, just 43% of adults aged 18 to 34 describe themselves as “morning people.” Practicing mindfulness in the morning, however, is an easy way to transform your day before it’s even …

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Consciousness Awareness

Consciousness, Awareness, and Your Real Essence

Find a few minutes to be alone in a quiet place. Sit down, relax, and then try to pay attention to your awareness of yourself, to your consciousness. Watch your consciousness – your sense of awareness of yourself and the world around you, the sensation of being aware and alive, …

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World Real or Illusion

Is the World Around Us Real or an Illusion?

Is the world around us real or an illusion that we create in our mind? Weird question, isn’t it? The world around us looks so real, and to proclaim that it is only an illusion seems sheer nonsense. How can this be true? Well, the world is real for us, …

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Reality Versus Illusion

Reality Versus Illusion and Imagination

Is what we call the world, illusion? What’s the difference between illusion and reality? It is through the five senses that we are aware of the world around us, and believe that it is real. When we see the solid objects around us, and are aware of them, it is …

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Enjoying Life

Why a Focused Mind Is Important for Enjoying Life

When you can focus your mind, you enjoy life more. The reason is very simple. With a focused mind, you can ignore any irrelevant and meaningless thoughts and immerse yourself in what you are doing. What happens when your mind is not focused? Thoughts constantly pass through your mind, attracting …

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