Creator of Thoughts

Do You Create of Your Thoughts? You Are not Your Thoughts!

Are You the Creator of Your Thoughts? Do you sometimes wonder why thoughts arise in your mind? Everyone has certain beliefs, but why these beliefs and not others? Are the thoughts you think your own, other people’s, or thoughts that you have unconsciously picked from your environment? Most people believe that what they think originates from their mind, and is …

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World Real or Illusion

Is the World Around Us Real or an Illusion?

Is the world around us real or an illusion that we create in our mind? Weird question, isn’t it? The world around us looks so real, and to proclaim that it is only an illusion seems sheer nonsense. How can this be true? Well, the world is real for us, since we can see it and touch it, but is …

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Constant Thinking

Why You Need to Learn to Stop Thinking Constantly

To think or not think, that’s the question. The mind is an excellent instrument, but it keeps working from morning to night, not stopping for a moment. Every machine or engine needs to stop working for some time to give it rest, and so does the mind. The mind is like a machine that works nonstop. It always thinks, analyzes, …

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Reality Versus Illusion

Reality Versus Illusion and Imagination

Is what we call the world, illusion? What’s the difference between illusion and reality? It is through the five senses that we are aware of the world around us, and believe that it is real. When we see the solid objects around us, and are aware of them, it is hard to deny the validity of what we see. Everything …

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Enjoying Life

Why a Focused Mind Is Important for Enjoying Life

When you can focus your mind, you enjoy life more. The reason is very simple. With a focused mind, you can ignore any irrelevant and meaningless thoughts and immerse yourself in what you are doing. What happens when your mind is not focused? Thoughts constantly pass through your mind, attracting your attention, and not allowing you to fix your mind …

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Undo the Programming of the Mind

Undo the Programming of Your Mind and Be Free

John invited his friends, colleagues and neighbors to his big house, to a big party. At the entrance of the mansion, the guests received a pair of eyeglasses, which they had had to wear during their stay at his house. All the eyeglasses looked the same, but the lenses of the eyeglasses distorted the colors and shapes of everything. After …

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Stop Overthinking

6 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Overthinking

Do you sometimes ask yourself, ‘Why can’t I stop overthinking?’, ‘Why do I overthink everything?’ Do you wonder how to stop overthinking? Is overthinking one of your habits? Do you discuss your problems in your mind over and again, instead of doing something to solve them? Do you analyze in your mind every event and everything you hear and see? …

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Mindfulness Can Reduce Stress

How Mindfulness Can Help You Reduce Stress and Enjoy Life

Life in the modern age has become a life of non-stop activity and high demands, which often lead to stress and lack of inner peace. If you want to be stress-free, and restore tranquility and balance, mindfulness can help you do that. What is Mindfulness? What does mindfulness mean? Mindfulness is the act of maintaining awareness of our thoughts, feelings, …

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Mind Wanders Away while Working

Why Does Your Mind Wander Away while Working?

“When working, focus on your work. When watching a movie, focus on the movie. When reading, focus on the words you are reading.” – Remez Sasson Does your mind wander away while at work? What should you do to stop it from wandering and focus it on your work? Focusing on what you are doing is important, because this enables …

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Stop Acting Like a Robot

How to Stop Acting Automatically Like a Robot

Our environment, upbringing and the media, program most of our beliefs, thoughts, ideas and behavior. We live and act in accordance with this programing, and seek the company of people who think and act as we do. This behavior tends to makes us think and act automatically, sometimes, to some extent, like robots. Most people follow the traditions and beliefs …

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