Success Quotes Infographic

Do you aspire to be successful in what you do? To be successful you need vision, inner strength and perseverance. Words about success inspire, motivate to action, and open the mind to see new opportunities. Quotes affect the mind and … Continue Reading

Following the Leader

Following the Leader

Most of the people desire to be the leader, but they don’t know it takes gigantic self-determinism, time and vision to become one. When we start working as an employee, we kind of find safety in that place, and we … Continue Reading

Life Is not a Dress Rehearsal

Life is NOT a dress rehearsal. This IS the main event. The longer you leave it to make your run at success, the harder it becomes. I see so many unhappy people in this world. They hate their jobs, they … Continue Reading

Your Self Esteem

“Perfect self expression will never be labor; but of such absorbing interest that it will seem almost like play.” – Florence Scovel Shinn In Succeeding Through Inner Strength, Dr. Nathaniel Branden says that people unconsciously lower their self-esteem through their … Continue Reading