Focusing on Your Actions

Do you focus your mind on what you are doing, or do you do one thing, but think about something else at the same time?

Do you work, eat, dress up or do anything else, but daydream while doing so?

Do you align your thoughts with your actions, or are they two separate activities?

Doing one thing, while thinking or daydreaming on something else divides your energy, which means less energy and attention are channeled into your actions and thinking. This causes absentmindedness, tiredness, lack of attention and mistakes.

Try this exercise. Next time you have a shower, focus on the act of washing, while dressing up, focus on the act of dressing, and while preparing a meal, focus on what you are doing.

Can you keep your mind on what you are doing, or do you start thinking unrelated thoughts after a short while?  

Focusing your thoughts on your actions saves you lot energy, empty mental chatter, mistakes and errors.

Focusing your mind and thoughts on your actions enables you to work and study more efficiently, do fewer mistakes, and perform everything faster and better.

Focusing on your actions is a great way to stop the constant buzz of the mind and enjoy inner peace.

Imrove Your Concentration
Attain Peace of Mind and Mental Mastery
Develop Your Inner Strength