Why Is It So Difficult to Get Results with Visualization?

Almost every day, I receive mail from people, asking why they are not getting results from creative visualization.

People get excited when they come to know about the wonders visualization can do. They begin to visualize enthusiastically, hoping to get quick results. Sometimes, they do get results quickly, but then, this power seems to stop working, or to bring only minor results.

Why does this happen?
If visualization produces results once or more times, why doesn’t it do so always?
There must be an explanation.

Many of the people who write to me, struggle to earn money and to support their families, and when they hear about the power of visualization, they get excited and thrilled. They see a path that can take them out of their current life, and solve their problems.

The excitement, thrill and expectation that rises, keep them in certain mood, a certain mental attitude that has the power to attract and create things. This mood energizes, motivates, awakens the ability to recognize opportunities, and provides the inner strength to take advantage of them.

When the levels of thrill and expectation are high, which often happens at the beginning, visualization works and things happen.

However, most people cannot stay always in this heightened, energized mood. Work, problems, tasks, and everyday life pull them back into their previous way of thinking, and they lose this special mood. Then, they start complaining that visualization doesn’t work for them.

Look at successful people. They always have strong desires, have visions, and they are energetic on the inner and outer levels. They are always motivated and full of expectations. They keep fanning the fire of desire, thrill and expectation. And this is what you have to do too.

Do you now understand what the secret of successful visualization is?

You can visualize every day but gain no results, if there isn’t this zest, excitement, vision and eagerness. It easier to generate the special mood required for success, when you just begin, because you are excited and everything is new for you.

If you wish to succeed, you need to perpetuate your desire, thrill and excitement, and not let them disappear. You have no choice but to cultivate and encourage them.

If you don’t get results, it doesn’t mean that the power of visualization doesn’t work. Look inside you to find the reasons why it is not working.

Tips to make visualization work for you:

  1. When you visualize, do so with real desire and interest.
  2. Believe without any doubt that you are going to accomplish your goal.
  3. You need to keep hopeful, expecting and thrilled. You need always to fan the fire inside you.
  4. Be willing to do whatever it takes to succeed, even if this costs you money, time and effort.
  5. Perseverance is important. You cannot expect to achieve success and create changes in your life overnight. Immediate success happens sometimes, but usually, success takes time to accomplish, especially when a big goal is involved. This means that you need to exhibit perseverance and patience.
  6. Don’t quit if you don’t see immediate results.

Keep the desire and expectation levels high. This is one of the major keys for success.

Remember, visualization works better, faster, and the chances of success are higher, when you act and take initiative to do things, not just visualize and wait passively for things to happen with no effort on your part.

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