Imagination and Anticipation

One of the main tools for self-improvement, healing and achieving success is the imagination. Though it is intangible, it creates our reality. Though it is a mental tool, it affects our behavior, habits, expectations and actions. I have written about it in the articles Imagination: The Power of Your Inner Vision, and in The Power of Imagination, and also in other articles. 

Here is an interesting excerpt from the book ‘The Magic of Believing’ by Claude M. Bristol, about how the mind and the senses can be affected by the imagination:

“Often in lecturing in order to prove the power of the imagination, I would hold up two bottles, both containing different colored fluids. I would tell my audience that one contained lilac perfume and the other attar of roses, explaining that my experiment was for the purpose of determining the differences in the respective power of my listeners.

I would then turn my back on the audience so that they could not see which bottle I was partially emptying into the air; at the same time I called upon them to identify the odor. Some would say lilac, others attar of roses. Of course, there was always great chagrin when both groups discovered that their imaginations had led them astray, and that both bottles contained nothing but colored water, and neither had an odor.”

We usually get what we anticipate.
– Claude M. Bristol

You have to think big to be big
– Claude M. Bristol

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