Wishes Do Come True

When my children were young, I wanted very much to share a vacation abroad with my wife, but it seemed to be a difficult task. Who would take care of my two young children for a whole week?
We decided to visualize and affirm that we have a wonderful vacation abroad together, and that our children are happy and very well taken care of. We had a strong belief that a solution will somehow come up.

Some time later, we met a very good friend, whose kids were about the same age as ours. He said to us:

“I have a proposition for you. My place of work has offered us an attractive vacation abroad, but we have no place where we can leave our children for a week. Would you agree to take care of our children for a week, and then you could travel, and we will take care of yours?”

My wife and I didn’t even have to think for a second about this wonderful proposition, and we immediately agreed.

And so it happened that we were able to go on a lovely vacation to Europe, while our good friends were taking good care of our children.

This experience shows how visualization can produce results in a natural, yet unexpected manner. Visualization, faith and desire, work together to make dreams come true.

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