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Major Website Changes


I am happy to announce that finally, after a lot of work, I finished redesigning the website and making a few major changes.

Actually, I didn’t want to make all these changes. I was satisfied with the website as it was. What made me change my mind was the drop of the number of visitors coming to the website.

The website was easily found in Google, but due to changes Google has been making in its search algorithm, a great number of websites were adversely affected, including mine. Consequently, the number of visitors dropped significantly, though there are still several thousand visitors a day.

When things go smoothly you don’t want to make changes. You don’t want to rock the boat. However, when things get tough, you have two choices, either give up, or make the effort to succeed. I chose the second option, and decided this was the time to go ahead make big changes.

Here is what changed in the website:

  1. I switched to a responsive template. This means that the website adapts itself to the screen on which it is viewed, making it easier to read on smartphones and tablets, not just on desktops. This is important, since more and more people are using their mobile phones to surf the web.
  2. This involved a lot of work, since I had to change the design for each page of the website.
  3. I changed the logo and the header of the website.
  4. I also added many images to the website, to make it more colorful and attractive, and I plan to add more.
  5. I changed the covers of two books, Peace of Mind in Daily Life, and Willpower and Self Discipline. Both covers were designed by My Wife, Dorina.
  6. I renamed the book Willpower and Self Discipline, to Strengthen Your Willpower and Self Discipline.
  7. I revised the book Peace of Mind in Daily Life and also made it shorter, reducing the number of pages by half. Too much information sometimes overwhelms, giving the feeling that there is too much work to do. A shorter version of the book would be more appealing and the advice and guidance more easily to follow and implement, for both beginners and more acknowledged people.

I would like to use this opportunity, and thank my wife, Dorina, for her help. She assisted me with this work, edited the book peace of Mind in Daily Life, designed the covers of the two above mentioned books, and helped with ideas, suggestions and constructive criticism.

Please visit the website and tell me what you think. I would appreciate your comments, suggestions and ideas. Also, if you find broken links, or pages which do not look as they should, please let me know. Please contact me through the contact form at

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Remez Sasson