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Why I Stopped Emailing My Newsletter


You might have wondered why there is no newsletter sign up form here at this website. You see this form on every website and blog, but it is missing here. If you have been a frequent visitor to my website, I am sure you remember that there was a sign up form for a newsletter, for many years.

A few months ago, I stopped emailing my newsletter and removed the sign up form. This might seem a strange decision for many, especially for website owners, who are always encouraged to publish a newsletter.

I have been emailing my newsletter for many years. During this time, for various reasons, I started the subscribers’ list anew, several times, and always, in a short while, it grew again to thousands of subscribers.

At a certain point, some time ago, I noticed that fewer and fewer subscribers opened the newsletter. This is quite natural. A few years ago, there weren’t many newsletters, but now, there are so many, and every website has one.

People sign up for many of newsletters, but for lack of time, hardly open them.

Sometimes subscribers don’t even remember where and when they signed up for the newsletters. They leave some of the newsletters on their computer to read latter, but they never have the time to read them. Other newsletters they just delete. There are also many spam filters preventing newsletters from arriving to the subscriber’s inbox, or they direct them to the email junk folder.

This means that a great number of newsletters never arrive to the subscriber and are never read. This needs some thinking. Why waste time producing something that very few people see and read? Maybe someone would invent something better than emails and newsletters? This problem. I believe affects all newsletters, not just mine.

I signed up in the past to many newsletters with really useful information. I used to open and read all of them, but in time, the number of newsletters to which I subscribed grew, each newsletter was linked to several articles, and all of them were long articles. This was too much. I didn’t want to spend a lot of time reading newsletters, and gradually, I stopped reading most of them.

Then, after a while, I decided to unsubscribe from many of the newsletters, since they filled my inbox. Some of the websites emailed me several newsletters each week and that was too much. Sometimes, due to the quantity of newsletters I received, some important emails were overlooked.

This same scenario, I believe, happens to you, and to everyone else.

My newsletter was emailed to thousands of subscribers, but only a small number opened them, and fewer clicked on the links in them. One of the main reasons for publishing a free newsletter is to bring visitors to your website, and if people don’t click on the links leading to the website the newsletter stops being useful.

Once, people advertised in the newsletter, and also, many subscribers clicked on the links in the newsletter to visit the site, and sometimes bought a product. This helped pay the costs of the newsletter.

If subscribers don’t open the newsletter, what’s the use of publishing it? And if they don’t click on the links leading to the website, the newsletters become useless.

My newsletter was free like most newsletters, but it costs money to publish a newsletter, and as the number of subscribers grows you pay more.

Due to all the above reasons, I decided to stop emailing my newsletter. Maybe in the future I will start a new newsletter, but it has to be in a completely different format.

Anyone who wants to read my articles can always go to the website to read them, without the newsletter leading him or her there. Now that I am not publishing a newsletter, I have more time available for other projects and no pressure to publish a newsletter every week.

Did this reduce the number of visitors to my website? No, it didn’t, the numbers are just growing.

This is an old post. About a year later, I started posting a new newsletter.

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