Legendary Quotes from Eminent Entrepreneurs


While an average Joe complains about the heavy traffic on his way to work, how his favorite sports team lost the game last night, or some other trivial issue, an entrepreneur is just focused towards his goals against all odds, enthusiastically.

An entrepreneur is someone who chooses not to work in a high paying easy job for 8 hours for someone else but work on his own business 24/7.

It is imperative for any new player to face a few setbacks along the way to entrepreneurship, but to overcome them with zeal, innovation and perseverance.

While there are several billionaires who did not go to college at all and many who dropped out of college, one should never consider it to be a recipe for success.

There is plethora of things that you can learn from an Ivy League University’s curriculum as long as you have the entrepreneurial drive. Dream big and start working towards achieving them before someone hires you to help them accomplish theirs.

Compiled by Total Processing, check out these inspirational quotes from some of the most eminent entrepreneurs on the planet, like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Rupert Murdoch, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and more.

Learn from the experience of these entrepreneurs with illustrious accomplishments in their domains, through these quotes that can act as life lessons for owner of any thriving business or a budding entrepreneur.

Legendary Quotes

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