Smile – 6 Top Reasons Why You Should Smile More Often

It takes a lot less muscles to smile than to frown or scowl.

Ever seen one of those poor souls who is perpetually miserable? Everything about them screams how lousy everything in their life is. We all know people like this. Gosh, if they ever smiled you’d expect their face to crack.

It actually takes a lot less muscles to smile than to frown or scowl, so apart from creating misery for themselves they are also doing more work to achieve that result. Here then are five more top reasons why you should smile more often.

  1. it will make you happy and put you in a positive frame of mind
  2. it will cheer up other people making them more receptive to you
  3. it tones up the right muscles in your face giving it a natural “lift”
  4. it is an instant “circuit breaker” during times of stress
  5. it costs absolutely nothing

Also, if you wear a big smile on your face just before you say goodbye to somebody over the telephone then they will “hear” it. Don’t ask me to explain that. All I know is that it works. You can just tell. Experiment with a friend. You will see that it is true.

The world has enough sad people with long faces. You don’t need to add to their ranks.

Smile. Make it your goal to put a big smile on your face before you get out of bed in the morning. That will you will get off to a happy start. Smile as often as you can throughout the day. It’s infectious. Usually when you smile a smile will be returned.

Smile. Go on. Do it right now! Did it make you feel better?

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